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Big Ruckus D · October 1, 2022 at 4:06 pm

All this evidence emerging for months now, and nothing that can be done about it since there are no take-backs or do-overs on the shit shots. It may be ethically wrong of me to wish for this, but the smarmiest pricks with their superiority complexes, who truly relished telling me I was an uninformed piece of shit when I raised the alarm, should get hit hardest with the worst shot induced damages. Fuck ’em.

And not just for retribution to my own satisfaction, but to serve as an example writ large to the relatively benign fence sitters we are overrun with. That way, when the next such horror is unleashed, maybe there will be fewer foolishly compliant people fucking up by trusting the govt and “expert class”. The automatic trust and respect for the so-called authorities (govt/academics/media complex) needs to get busted down in the worst way. Five dollar street whores should get more respect than this bunch.

I don’t think anything short of watching scores of people die horrible deaths will make the needed impression. Since we had billions of volunteers worldwide, the damage – even at a relatively small subset of the total injected – should be breathtaking over the course of the next few years.

Rest assured, this isn’t even remotely over. The globohomo machine fully intends to make mRNA engineering of our biology a major part of the path forward in the fuckening of all humanity. See stumblefuck poopypants recent executive order for some clarity on that. If the first salvo (covid shots) blows up spectacularly enough, we might be able to salvage a decent contingent of healthy and uncompromised people against to bring through the coming initiatives. Plus, any refusal to comply that stymies and enrages the dogshit ruling class is always a good call.

Exile1981 · October 1, 2022 at 5:44 pm

I lost friends and family over the vaxx,. My sister wont talk to me anymore as i didnt take the death vaxx.

Had a buddy whose wife gave him the choice vaxx or divirce so he got it. Has heart issues now, i ran into her in a store one day and she reported me to the store as being unclean and somehow thought / claimed my presence in the store would kill her.

    Big Ruckus D · October 1, 2022 at 10:03 pm

    That really sucks. And people like that are exactly the types I’m talking about. A combination of insane over the top paranoia combined with being the most absolutely sanctimonious, controlling pricks imaginable. Luckily I didn’t face that level of backlash, but my mom got the two primary shots early on (no boosters, as she figured it out a bit later) and I do have one sibling who got it, probably under pressure from his wife who has relatives in “health care”, so of course that made her the expert by mere association. Yeah, it would almost be laughable if it weren’t so stupid. Tell me you stayed at a Holiday inn express last night while you’re at it.

    I still don’t know if they got their kids dosed (God, I hope not. I kept telling them not to, but they were both stubborn as all hell, thinking they knew better than I). I’m still pissed at them for being so arrogantly stupid. They aren’t even idiot libtards, yet they argued disingenuously just like one when confronted. So far none of them have shown any deleterious effects, but I live in fear that something will yet happen because there was no long term testing.

    We are going find out in real time how bad this is over at least several years, if not more. Some effects may not be evident well into the next generation if damage is genetically passed to future offspring (assuming infertility doesn’t prove to be a huge issue, and that is yet another unknown). The kids being affected would be most devastating, as they had no control or input, assuming they went ahead and took them to get it. Maybe they listened to me, and finally got their heads out of there asses. I can only hope, as I doubt they will ever come clean about it now given how my concerns have been proven right, and they will probably seek to protect their egos from ever having to admit that.

    The whole episode (covid in general, not my specific situation) had been hugely instructive on two things: first, who just “gets it” and can smell the bullshit, versus who is a moron in an intuitive sense. Secondly, who can more likely be trusted as an ally, versus who will be a shill for authority and probably fuck me over if I disagree with them on something related to govt or authority decrees.

    In that sense, I am actually pleased that everyone around me was forced to show their true nature under pressure. Now I know who to avoid, and even flat out cut off. Interestingly – and thankfully – my other siblings and brother in law were all solid on being a big hell no on the shots. One of them placed their 20 year career at risk of complete loss, but their resistance paid off, as they outlasted the pressure brought to bear by their employer, who unceremoniously dropped all mandates and BS a few months ago now.

    The company they work for sure were a bunch of authoritarian cunts for the better part of 18 months though. Hence, why I want those like that to suffer so badly now. What they did cannot go unanswered, and lawsuits (assuming they could ever find traction much less favorable settlements) are not a satisfactory way to punish these fucks. They quite literally sought to ruin anyone who refused to risk their life by complying with this crap, and clearly relished doing so. Functionally no different than pointing a gun at someone and giving a non-negotiable order under the threat of being killed. So, you’re damn right if you sense that I want blood. Tyrants need and deserve destruction, always and everywhere.

Proud Pureblood · October 1, 2022 at 9:32 pm

I appreciate reports of what the Govt and Pharma are hiding.

I also don’t put much into them…
Too many are still calling it a “Vaccine
They are shooting themselves in the foot everytime (with me and many I know)

It’s “Experimental Gene Therapy”

I believe the saying is …
WORDS actually have meaning.

And Why haven’t I, my wife and kids had the Faucidog flu.
Lord knows (I) tryed, just to get it over with.
Wife was considerd High Risk (asthma)
The kids, well there all walking bio-weapons anyway during the school year.

Ahhh, who knows, maybe this winter will plant me.
We shall see.

Tim Smith · October 1, 2022 at 10:07 pm

As the old quip goes, “The English execute a general from time to time ‘pour encourager les autres’ ”

What we need more than ever is these cretins to pay a high price and to be made an example of… Not holding my breath.

joe · October 1, 2022 at 10:54 pm

pretty sure i said well over a year ago this stuff was dangerous…and now the truth is coming out…they can stick that vax in their ass…nothing against you DM, but my faith in the health car system is a big fat zero…they lied and let people die, killed people (if what’s being said is true about some hospitals wrongly treating unvaxxed hoping they would die)…everything else is coming true so i’m sure that’s true also…they lied about the vax…they lied about not getting covid after vax…they lied about everything…all to further the narrative from the media and gooberment…the only thing the health care industry cared about was the big fat paycheck they got handed for covid…

    Divemedic · October 2, 2022 at 7:23 am

    I don’t take it personally. The health care industry is made up of two groups- the health care providers, and the corporate drones that control it. The providers are getting screwed by the drones as badly as everyone else.

Anonymous · October 2, 2022 at 8:11 am

When this stupidity first started, I thought to myself what has more or less been human DNA has been pretty much stable for somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million years. And we don’t really know the various moving parts interact on a long term macro level. So yeah, let’s CRISPR up some shit and give it to people.

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