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My mother, who is 76 years old, called me late last night. She has been vaccinated. She wears a mask. She also has COVID. Sounds scary, right? Her symptoms? She describes them as being just like a mild cold.

This is where the pro-vaccine crowd will tell you “See, you got the vaccine, so it isn’t as serious.” They forget that the vast majority of people who get COVID have mild, or no, symptoms. This is an illness with a 99 percent survival rate.

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Exactly. I’m getting tired of seeing all the posts from the flu ‘survivors’ who avoided the ICU because of the clotshot.

Avoiding ICU/death happens to be the last of the promised benefits of the shot that is still – statistically – true.

Things no longer true: can’t get covid, can’t pass it on, few and minor side-effects, doesn’t damage your immune system.

Glad Mom is doing well.

Add me as one more person tested positive with Covid. No vaccine, no plans for vaccine. My symptoms, 2 days of muscle aches, head cold for about a week, pretty bad headache for several of those days. No loss of taste, but my taste did change. Everything tastes too sweet now, like I just chugged a bowl of sugar. I’m drinking black coffee now and and I can still taste sweet. Otherwise, treated with OTC and time. No real issue. Got my laptop from work and continued working from home. Not a big deal. I’ve had worse hangovers.

Which begs the question, why? Initially there were some reports that certain people were more at risk and that it might be related to blood type. But I haven’t seen anything else on that since mid-2020. My neighbor reported that he and his wife were at a party summer 2020, multiple people got sick with Covid from the party. For him and his wife, nothing serious other than a week of mild symptoms. Yet another person at the party got Covid and died within a week’s time. Young (young-ish, around 40), healthy, no outwardly known co-morbidities. There seems to be a small segment of population that is high risk for death, but no one seems to be willing to look at why. For the rest of us, no big deal. True science might want to figure that out.

I’m looking into the ivermectin horse paste, haven’t decided yet but kinda want to try it.

The only ivermectin I saw at Tractor Supply a couple hours ago was the contact stuff. And signs all over that the FDA warns not to use ivermectin in humans.

Contact America’s Frontline Doctors. For a fee they will see you via a tele-med appointment and if appropriate prescribe ivermectin that’s made for humans. They will also find a pharmacy that’s willing to fill the prescription.

Cold, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis.
Still a thing, but swept under the civil rug.
I suppose some, if not most, of the covid symptoms or surving it is a form of self inflicted Munchausen Syndrome.

I’ve wondered about that also; by now there should be more published about risk factors that make one more vulnerable to it, but it appears the majority of doctors and researchers are only interested in publishing poor quality research that supports the current political climate…

I realized something a few days ago….
The case for vaccination has gone from “it’s to keep you from getting infected” to “you’ll still get infected, but the symptoms will be less severe” to “it’s to protect others, you murderer!”
If in fact vaccinated people can get infected, and then can spread the virus (see: Texas fleebaggers, or a certain birthday party in Martha’s Vineyard), but the vaccine keeps them from exhibiting symptoms… that means what would have been sick people staying home become asymptomatic carriers roaming through society.
Which would make these “vaccines” negatively useful in controlling the spread of the virus. Kinda like so many other government-mandated tactics.

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