The Six Flags CEO is having to explain the decision to raise prices and eliminate discounts at the company’s parks, in light of the emerging fact that attendance is down by 22% since the decision was made. He said in a statement that the price increase was a result of the company’s problems with what he referred to as “rowdy teenagers.”

We realized that we had discounted too much and we were filling the park with the wrong kinds of customers. So, we only got the discounter or we became a day care center for teenagers. It was a cheap day care center for teenagers during breaks and the summers. So we began raising prices to reduce the numbers of rowdy teenagers running around.

By rowdy teenagers, he means groups of feral black teens who had bought discount tickets before running amok in the parks and beating the shit out of customers who were paying full price. The Six Flag parks were becoming areas that families were learning to avoid.

The Six Flags America, located just outside of DC in Maryland, hosted a Halloween event called “Fright Night.” It was attended by large groups of blacks that began vandalizing cars in the parking lot and attacking other customers by using mob violence tactics who were executing planned ambushes of young white girls. The local cops claim that they were searching for the perpetrator, but it’s nearly a year later and no arrests have been made.

A similar story in Six Flags Great America just outside of Chicago. Out of control blacks attacked a family for asking them to control their foul language around small children. They wound up beating a 12 year old girl and her parents.

We can’t be seen as racist, because not all black people are like that, or something. So let’s call criminal behavior, vandalizing property, and beating the shit out of people as being “rowdy.” Let’s refer to black adolescents as “teens” so no one will know we are talking about a violent race of criminals. It sure isn’t Norwegians or Canadians that are terrorizing the paying customers here.

On average, the black race is broken to the point that wherever blacks congregate, crime, violence, and poverty are more likely than places where they are not found. The only place where this is not true is in Hollywood. The only places where blacks in large numbers are successful doctors, lawyers, and other professionals are make believe- television and movies. It isn’t that the US is racist, so don’t go there. Name an economically successful black country. The only one I can think of is Wakanda, also make believe.

So back to Six Flags. As a result of increased pricing, the company said it has lost about 2 million season ticket holders who did not renew their membership over the past year. As a result, total revenue for the quarter decreased by 5% to $24 million, fueled by the the lower attendance and $5 million reduction in sponsorship revenues.

Once people realize that the reign of people who are annoying them is over, the family customers will return with their money. Until then:

  • Stay out of cities. Especially ones with high concentrations of blacks.
  • Avoid large congregations of blacks.
  • If you are in a place where you find yourself suddenly surrounded by large numbers of blacks, get the fuck out of there.
The answer, of course, is “NAGGERS.”

We keep being told to ignore the evidence. Don’t believe what you see with your own eyes. My parents pounded that into me day after day. I learned the hard way that this isn’t true. I no longer trust cops, blacks, or eat my vegetables. That last one may be the only one of the three where my parents were correct. The great melting pot is a fantasy.

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nunya · August 12, 2022 at 7:37 am

I have calmly pointed this situation out for years. Darling hispanic wife used to be uncomfortable and thought I was maybe hyperbolic.. not so much these days. Eventually the “conditiong” wears off and people see this shit show without their rose glasses

Charlie Hargrave · August 12, 2022 at 7:45 am

I learned very early in my life what ‘rowdy’ types to watch for.

And yes, any crowd is a bad crowd. But certain shades of crowd are much worse than others

Big Ruckus D · August 12, 2022 at 7:55 am

Sheeeeit. Your parents (presumably boomers, just as mine) bought into the notion “we’re all the same inside”; and tried to instill the same shite in you? Yeah, it…figgers. My dad (rest his soul) was pretty realistic about the nature of the beasts. My mom, meanwhile, tried superficially to maintain the fiction in her own mind for many years as a concession to propriety. Women seem to do silly shit like that. She’d also criticize me for making remarks that would get me sent to a struggle session or show trial now.

These days though, she’ll make a most unfavorable comment about people who annoy you, after seeing their latest antics on the local news (which I’ve openly referred to for years as the nightly niggotry report) or when even out in public and witnessing their Leroyfoolery (he be the black version of Tom, but he don’t gots no cabin, yo).

Sometimes it gets me laughing hysterically and I taunt her about being a “horrible racist”. She is also pretty well enlightened on the JQ these days. It’s kind of difficult anymore not to notice the stuff they do, although admittedly they are a lot more crafty and subversive than those damn “Canadians” who inhabit the environs of six flags and mall food courts.

    Larry · August 12, 2022 at 9:10 am

    NNR-Nightly Niggotry Report
    That is freaking hilarious! Thank you and agree. One observation to add: I’ve noticed that some late-Silent Generation people (between 76-80) are worse than the Boomers you reference. They’ll tell you how much they love them some Leroy and Shaniqua even while having their throats cut.

mike · August 12, 2022 at 8:24 am

Mine were wrong too. “Everyone is the same under the skin” they would tell us kids. Of course they were just repeating party propaganda. In practice my mom showed distaste for many races and nationalities when too many of them showed up in the area or demonstrated 3rd world driving styles in her close proximity. Even the Portuguese were on her list. My view is that she outwardly expressed the approved PC values about race and immigration, and thought she really believed it, but in reality she was classifying people instinctually based upon observed behavior.
These same lifelong Democrats kept Ted Kennedy in power until he died in office and never once did they question the Kennedy 1965 Immigration Reform Act that favored more “vibrant” immigration. After all, anything a Kennedy does must be wonderful and right. It is interesting to see them now in their 80’s, completely unaware that they have helped destroy the country in a short 60 years. They are still at it too; Orange man Bad, Biden 2020, covid hysteria, VAXXXXX, Save Ukraine. It goes on an on. I love them dearly, but they and liberals like them everywhere are a monument to the power of corporate media propaganda. When the bitter end comes home to roost for America, I am sure they will still be in complete denial about what it was that led us to our national destruction.

TechieDude · August 12, 2022 at 8:32 am

Last time I was at a six flags, It was in Dallas, and it was a youth day of some sort. I drove the one of the busses for our church. Lots of feral negro spawn. I think it’s been that way every time I’ve been, which isn’t often.

I don’t plan on ever darkening their doors again. This is what we do. Walk away with our money. Soon enough they find out that this segment of the market (Feral Negroes) isn’t profitable and you either change or go under.

I had some black friends open up a moderately upscale restaurant. Was rough from the start. First mistake was hiring their kids and their friends, none of which understood the hospitality business. You can’t blow off monied non blacks. They don’t come back. Second was the bossy wife arguing with the chefs. They left. So the menu swirled the drain. You see, every black I know overcooks meat. They’ll send an order back if it’s pink in the slightest. That’s not what a fine dining restaurant does, burn the entres.

The bar became a black hangout. Last time I was there, I was getting hateful looks from the ‘clientele’. That was it for me.

I’m good for $100/night in food and booze – back then. Gone.

Few months after, so were they. Closed up.

They had other issues, but the biggest was that you can’t run a business in a city that’s only 8% black, most of which not monied, and cater primarily to their tastes and make 92% of your potential customer base uncomfortable.

    mike · August 12, 2022 at 9:11 am

    “The bar became a black hangout. Last time I was there, I was getting hateful looks from the ‘clientele’. That was it for me.”

    Yes they are very territorial aren’t they. Same with the Gay crowd. I have seen the rainbow gang go way out of their way to make any obvious straight people very uncomfortable in places the Gay’s think they own. I used to surf cast the Cape Cod National Seashore for blues and strippers a couple of decades ago. Team rainbow has had a claim on “ownership” out there for longer than that, and illegal nude sunbathing became enough of a problem that the federal park rangers eventually just stopped enforcement. The frolicking fruits would avoid interacting with the fishermen, but would get up and parade themselves for any hetero couple, single woman, or God forbid, family with young children. It was disgusting behavior and a deliberate campaign. At the time their mantra was that they just wanted to be treated like everyone else. Yeah sure.

      Paulb · August 13, 2022 at 8:58 am

      Ha, this is correct with the gay crowd. I used to go into Provincetown for fuel when I was a commercial fisherman and we didn’t want to steam all the way back to Boston to fuel up, so we’d pick up fuel and have dinner and drinks and go back out. if it was before 7pm we were welcome to sit quietly and drink and smell awful, as was our way. After 7pm we’d be harassed. One junkie I worked with was smart enough to break people’s toes and never throw punches. Kept the cops out.

Jonathan · August 12, 2022 at 9:42 am

I haven’t been to Six Flags in almost 30 years; even then it wasn’t as family friendly and didn’t have as good an environment as other park options we had.
In this case it sounds like a 5% drop in revenue is worth the reduction in problems.

WDS · August 12, 2022 at 10:13 am

When I first relocated to SC from there was a boulevard that was affectionately referred to as “Restaurant Row”. Kinda like an auto mile but with the large franchise eateries. You know the names so I won’t list ’em.
Little by little families stopped going because there was a new breed of clientele taking over and they deemed these places as their property. One by one the restaurants closed due to violence, dine and dash patrons and a general decline in the area. Most of these places relocated northeast of the old area with some even locating to the new and hip village style mega retail center.
The Sheriff’s dept. is in there all the time now especially after 6 PM to answer all types of calls including a murder a few weeks ago with as you can guess, the usual suspects.

Anonymous · August 12, 2022 at 11:03 am

The Italians, Irish, Chinese, and Japanese were all once considered uncivilized by prior Americans. Ben Franklin complained about the Germans invading his English/Scottish landscape. Don’t forget the ‘soccer yobs’ in England, who are Anglos who live on welfare in subsidized housing. No group can withstand socialism.

What your parents were wrong about was: 1) doing socialism, and 2) not holding everyone to the same standards of civilized behavior.

    Divemedic · August 12, 2022 at 11:08 pm

    Name a black run nation that is successful in any one of the following:
    or Artistically
    Hell, name a country run by blacks that can even feed its people without large amounts of foreign aid.

      Skeptic · August 13, 2022 at 11:21 pm

      This. Forget countries, try counties or cities too.

    Chicolini · August 14, 2022 at 7:42 am


James · August 12, 2022 at 11:47 am

I worked for Six Flags over GA in Cobb Cnty GA for a few years during summers starting in 1982 right out of high school. I fired and engineered their two steam engines when they were real steamers. Best time ever and no wilding. They wouldn’t put up with any of that shit.

Skeptic · August 12, 2022 at 11:54 am

Can you imagine what a wonderful country this would be without black pathology?

    Anonymous · August 12, 2022 at 12:42 pm

    The pathology is from the White middle class. They’ve voted for decades to pay the idle to breed, and to permit them to commit crimes.

      Big Ruckus D · August 12, 2022 at 1:37 pm

      This is a point that cannot be stressed enough. Us race realists have been – and remain – solidly in the minority of white population. Too many are still far too indoctrinated, polite, and terrified of being branded a racist (gasp!) to say – much less think and believe – the reality of what has and increasingly is occuring.

      And so they have ceaselessly advocated and voted for policy that enabled the shit to flow untreated and foul the lake. Their naivete, stupidity and utter lack of even considering acting for their own benefit has brought us all to the brink of ruination. These are the sanctimonious white people with those engagingly smarmy signs in their yard “in this house we believe…”, blm, and now faded and tattered blue and yellow flags hanging near their front doors. Oh, and masks. Don’t forget the fucking masks.

      And not because they really give a shit, they just have to be seen openly and subserviently fellating the current thing. That is the entirety of the motivation behind it, to gain acceptance of their peers by being stylishly conformist. They’ll deny that vehemently, but it really is just that simple.

      They will latch onto any suddenly popular cause for public exhibition of their (fake) virtue except that of their own preservation and protection against complete dispossession of their country, culture, property, and eventually their very lives. And maybe it is even necessary that they be wiped out. It would cleanse us of their undue influence.

      The mindset that animates them appears to be a psychological disease that cannot be cured by anything less than death. I’ve tried to get through to a few in the past by varying techniques, and have utterly failed to make a dent in their armor of self-destructive smug superiority. I’ve long since quit wasting my time, if they are to have a eureka moment that frees their mind from this parasitical scourge, it will have to come from within. I hold out little hope that many of them can muster such a fundamental realignment of their beliefs.

        Anonymous · August 12, 2022 at 6:52 pm

        I’m just as happy to take genetics out of the analysis/model, because the aspect of the problem that actually impacts me isn’t actually the genetic sequence of the person, it is their non-libertarian behavior.

        Simple prescription: behave like a libertarian, learn from experience, don’t have the self-loathing mental illness; or you’re part of the problem. Identifies Ted Kennedy just as much as Obama.

          Divemedic · August 12, 2022 at 11:06 pm

          So if that were the case, then there should be successful nations that are run by blacks. Name one.

          ruralcounsel · August 14, 2022 at 5:21 pm

          Name one run by whites. It’s a short list, if you can come up with any.

          Divemedic · August 14, 2022 at 5:55 pm

          Transistors. The Renaissance. The Greeks. The Italians. The Russians. Pretty much every European nation has contributed to science, mathematics, the arts, banking, and science. Thousands of years of history and advancement.

          The Arabs invented numbers. The Chinese and Japanese had similar histories.

          Despite the fact that humans originated there, the blacks of Africa are still living in mud huts and barely scratching out a living, and even then they require tons of outside assistance.

Anonymous · August 12, 2022 at 1:02 pm

This problem was not created by extraterrestrials in round silver spaceships, and it was not created by planet Earth without input from humans; it was created by Americans who voted for candidates who are not libertarian.

As Mark Twain said, when you’re in the majority, it’s time to think about reform.

Sarin · August 12, 2022 at 10:46 pm

Going to have to be intentionally vague here, I work with (not at) Six Flags in my real world job. While I agree with Dive’s post, I can add some additional context. Old CEO got unexpectedly shitcanned in late 2021. New CEO stepped down from the board to assume CEO responsibility and cleared about 90% of the upper decks earlier this year.

COVID kicked the shit out of them. All theme parks got it the same. Leadership immediately “took price” as it’s called, along with doing away with budget-friendly options at the parks. Which, as we cautioned, has backfired spectacularly. Their stated goal was to find an “upscale” sweet-spot between their reputation as a “budget” theme park and say, Disney. They’ve been trying to appeal to the family demographic and really ramped efforts as Disney was under fire for going full woketard. Easing of lockdown stupidity in blue states had them chomping at the bit. They were/are really trying to go “upscale” in everything; I think they’re finding that it’s a Sisyphean task to try and do it on the fly.
I think that they may have went too abrupt on the changes and are now feeling the pain. In essence, they’re alienating their core constituency in favor of another one. New demographic isn’t spending, thanks to the print and spend policies (or is it spend and print? I forget).
Another factor biting them in the ass continually is labor. Their primary labor force is comprised of high schoolers and international college students who don’t want to return home during the summer. Spent a day at a busy park for work a while back. They’re on the struggle bus to get even simple things right when they have sufficient staff on hand. When they’re short? Forget it.

Add in Dive’s observations and it’s apparent they have a runny shit sandwich and only a knife to eat it with.

I’m confident they will be appealing to the teen demographic in short-order to bolster attendance.

Paulb · August 13, 2022 at 9:11 am

You wouldn’t know it, but there was the first ever riot on Block Island RI last week. BI is a true WASP enclave, like Martha’s Vineyard but not all owned by celebrities and politicians. Some guttermuppet lesbian from New Bedford, MA, (Fallujah by the sea), organized a reggae festival on the island, and thousands of people, particularly the lowest of lower class blacks, the organizer being a welfare queen with gang affiliation, showed up and of course there was a riot as a dozen gangs chimped out.
Strange it isn’t on the news, huh? Lol. Block Island has less cops than a donut shop.
The only reason I heard about it was that there was another riot on the overloaded ferry ride back to the mainland, and people got stabbed and beaten, including the residents of the island who were trying to get ashore, who got targeted and chased on the ferry for being white. The captain of the ferry called for help, and rather than calling the coast guard to show up with the .50cals they always keep on the bow of their boats these days, the captain called his company, who called the local PD, who showed up with a bunch of ambulances for the victims but refused to arrest or prosecute anybody because of the racial angle.

There’s only one journalist in New England who reports things honestly, and he spends half his time in court as a result.

Francis W. Porretto · August 14, 2022 at 7:50 am

Funny, isn’t it? You tell an inherently unintelligent and aggressive demographic that it’s “oppressed,” that its looting and rampaging are “a response to historical injustice,” and refrain from punishing its criminal elements, and its members…go looting and rampaging. My God, who would have expected that?

MMinWA · August 16, 2022 at 12:10 pm

For the past 30 years I have not lived any place where you’ll even see a black person more than once or twice a year. No crime, no home invasions, no graffiti, no drive bys, clean streets & alleys, quiet evenings. I’m able to stroll about at all hours(armed of course & with my GSD).

I was disabused of the silliness that we’re all the same when I was 11 and living with my Dad in S Philly. I happened to get off the street car early coming home one day and landed in a black neighborhood. Wasn’t but a few minutes before I was running for my life with a bunch of them throwing rocks & bottles at me.

I recounted the tale to my Italian family expecting retribution but was told “What did I expect?” and to stay the fook out of where they lived like they stayed out of our neighborhood.

So you could say my parents were right.

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