Recently, a video surfaced of a contract employee at Disney mopping a table with the same mop that was being used to clean the floor. See for yourself:

During the mid 90’s, I worked for the Disney company for about three months as one of the electricians who maintained the animatronic figures. We once had an employee management meeting where the executives told us that Disney’s goal was to have no permanent, full time employees by the year 2010. The idea was that we would be replaced by contract workers who would be provided by subcontractors.

This would allow Disney to employ illegal immigrants with plausible deniability, as Disney can claim that they hired the subcontractor and didn’t know that the employees of that subcontractor were illegals. They would save money through lower wages and not having to provide benefits. Under the ACA, this is even more attractive.

What you see here is a direct result of that policy. A contract employee has no pride in ownership

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