So apparently an NBA team owner referred to a player’s friends as the player’s “posse” and the people are in a uproar, with the player claiming that the term is a racial slur. Is there anything that isn’t a racial slur?

The team owner is just as confused as I am. Weeks later, the player is still complaining. I don’t see what he has to complain about, since he is known for making actual racial slurs:

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CelticGirl · December 8, 2016 at 5:17 am

LeBron James is an asshole.
I lost all respect for him after the way he treated Cleveland and his fans there.
I can't believe they let him back on that team.

He's a disgrace to the NBA.

(You'd never catch Larry, Magic, Dr. J, or Paul Pierce behaving the way he does.)

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