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Never enough

Now the fight for a $26 minimum wage is on. Why stop there? If 26 is good, wouldn’t $100 an hour be better? Why not $500 an hour?

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Of course. Once you start down that path, the sky is the limit.

It reminds me of the old joke about Churchill and the prostitute.

After politely telling a Kroger a Kroger manager who wanted to have me come work for them that I wasn’t interested, he insisted that they pay the most of any grocery chain in the region(they don’t; ask my wife).
Annoyed, I told him that he would have to offer me what I’m on my current contract assignment as a NX CAD designer, technical lead. He told me that would be no problem, but almost fainted when I showed him my paystub.
I’m going to shoot for a $50/hr minimum wage, but I’d be taking a pay cut. (40 years drafting experience, and high grades from clients) LOL!
Rev. Sensing has a good post on this at

OMG… a failure of basic economic understanding…

Anyone with money saved away (cash, stock, annuity, etc)should be looking for Dean Baker and stop him before he devalues them more effectively than a hacker in your on-line bank account.

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