If the police are questioning you in a professional capacity, telling them ANYTHING is NEVER in your best interest. This child and his parents learned that lesson the hard way.

The job of the police is to show that they are doing something about crime. They do that by finding reasons to arrest people. If you talk to them long enough, they will find a reason to arrest YOU. There are those who believe that telling the truth will help curry favor, or get the police to cut you a break. More often than not, you give a cop who had nothing on you enough evidence to take you in.

Shut up, get a lawyer, and let the lawyer do the talking. Anything you have to say that will prove your innocence will still prove your innocence a couple of hours later when the lawyer gets involved. Police receive hundreds of hours of training in how to use your words against you, so keep your trap shut.

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Bob S. · February 24, 2011 at 8:33 pm

May not agree about unions but definitely agree about this — don't talk to the police without a lawyer.

Not only can you incriminate yourself for something you don't even think is a crime but the police have no obligation to use anything you say to clear you from a crime.

sofa · February 26, 2011 at 11:54 pm

When I grew up, the police were there to "protect and serve", and most departments focused on service to their communities.

Now my older cop buddies complain about how petty and dictatorial the departments and agencies have all become; how this new focus is foreign to the American way of thinking.

They no longer "police"; rather they "Enforcement".


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