I have been shopping for a new truck for the past several months. After talking to about a dozen dealers and test driving 8 different trucks, I finally bought one. The one I got is my new BOV. It is an F-150 SXT in four wheel drive. It has a 36 gallon fuel tank, which gives it a range of over 600 miles. Now I have to outfit it with radio equipment and a gun safe.

I test drove trucks from Toyota and Nissan. None of them were acceptable, as they were either too small, or simply rode like crap. I finally decided to go with a full sized truck and visited a Ford dealer. I test drove two different vehicles there and made an offer on one, but we could not reach a deal.

The second Ford dealer was a lot more accommodating. I joined the Experimental Aircraft Association ($40 online) so that I could get X plan financing. On top of that, they gave me $1000 more than my trade was worth, and another $7800 in rebates. In all, the sticker price on the truck was $51,400 and I wound up negotiating a price of $40,300- not  including the $1000 extra on the trade. So total price was $39,300, or about $12,000 below MSRP. 

They played a shell game by boosting the interest rates to 8 percent, even though I have a credit score of 790. What they don’t know is that I had the money to pay cash, and will be paying it off before the first payment is due.

Now I just have to get the dealers to stop calling and emailing me.

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Staci · February 22, 2018 at 1:33 pm

glad you remembered the EAA trick!

Anonymous · March 4, 2018 at 7:39 am

Nice to see you caught the extra $1000 on trade-in (more than) offset by the higher interest shell game

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