As I sit here writing this post, the center of the tropical storm is to the south of us. I haven’t posted about preps for this one, mostly because Category 1 storms aren’t worth the effort, no matter how breathless the reporters get on TV. So far it’s just been a dreary, breezy day.

We’ve gotten an inch and a half of rain, and it’s been a bit breezy. Right now our winds are out of the northeast at 24 miles an hour with gusts to 32. Our highest wind today was at 4 am, 46 miles per hour. It’s a quiet, rainy day. We have been spending the morning sitting on the back porch, sipping on some coffee and enjoying a cinnamon roll breakfast.

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Elrod · November 11, 2022 at 3:44 am

I lived in (redacted), Florida for over 20 years before I was able to stage a successful escape. Where I live now anything vaguely resembling a serious storm is sufficiently infrequent that even casual mention by the TV Weatherguessers provokes panic.

I get rather strange looks when I point out that Floridians don’t bother getting out of bed for anything less than a category 3 hurricane (I do point out the differences in house construction, personal and governmental planning, but I’ve discovered it makes no difference, they seem to enjoy an occasional state of panic).

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