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No longer American enough

Lee Greenwood is no longer American enough for Joe Biden. After 16 years on the arts council, the Biden administration alerted him via email- not a phone call or letter, an email- that he was no longer welcome on the arts council.

So here is the song, because Fuck Joe Biden

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But, but, but…
CCP RAT sellout traitor Delaware dementia Depends undergarments Long March fellow traveler POS Uncle Joe?
Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

Meh. I got sick of his best known song years ago. It was a paen to an idealized notion of America that ceased to exist a very long time ago. Like the hopeless beta schlub who writes a sappy pop song about unrequited love and a broken heart to some crazy bitch who left him, Lee’s signature hit was a fantasy and meant nothing in a one sided relationship where he was pining for something he could never have. That’s reality.

What we need now are war songs about shredding our ideological enemies and displaying their sun bleached skulls in perpetuity as a warning not to fuck around and find out (again). It’s far too late for them not to find out this time, there will be no accommodations for last minute repentance. The damage is done, responsibility has been ascribed, and so too will be the consequences. No passes will be granted for the bad guys, irrespective of their pleas for mercy when faced with their well deserved punishment.

If he wishes to regain any relevance, Mr. Greenwood can write a new song in which the lyrical stylings make heavy use of the words “fuck off and die”. Here is a royalty free verse from which to start, as my gift to humanity:

Freedom for thee we yearn,
Liberty is our goal.
Fuck you damnable tyrants right to your death,
Long live rock and roll!

Couldn’t agree more. Listening to that song makes me sick. “Where at least I know I’m free.” Really? Utter nostalgia.

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