HuffPo has an article up where they complain that some Antifa members were beat up by a group of Proud Boys. The Proud Boys had attended a rally where Antifa was standing outside, threatening to “kill Nazis.” Of course, Antifa defines a Nazi as anyone they disagree with.

At any rate, a group of Proud Boys were walking down the street, with at least one of them wearing a MAGA hat. They encountered three Antifa members, one of whom knocked the MAGA hat off of the head of the Proud Boy who was wearing it. Outnumbering Antifa more than 3 to one, Antifa received the ass bearing that they were clearly looking for. then were arrested for robbery and battery.

Both sides were there looking for trouble, and both found it. If you provoke a fight, you get no sympathy from me when you then get your ass handed to you in the fight you started.

What worries me is that the violence on both sides will escalate, until it isn’t just the hotheads and troublemakers.

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