The Biden administration has kicked the Catholic Diocese out of Walter Reed Medical center for Easter weekend.

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Big Ruckus D · April 8, 2023 at 11:39 pm

Somehow I am reminded of the scene in John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness (a seriously disturbing movie, incidentally) where a possessed grad student types this message on a computer screen for her as yet unafflicted colleagues to see:

“You will not be saved by the Holy Ghost. You will not be saved by the God Plutonium. In fact, YOU WILL NOT BE SAVED”

There is no possible legitimate legal reason to pull a move like this right now, except that the scum that styles itself “the ruling class” is manifestly evil, and they intend to drag as many of us as possible into hell with them. It is a clearly intended both at asserting their power, and demoralizing those they seek to destroy.

I’m not an overly or actively religious person these days, but in reflecting on the mindset that has infected so much of western civilization, from the putative “elite” – who are nothing of the sort, in point of fact – down into much of the gen pop, radical leftism openly manifests itself as relishing in all the transgression and depravity the Bible describes as evil. And it wants desperately to bring as many souls as it can manage to wallow in the pit with it.

I suspect a lot of people have a simple minded idea of evil, in that they expect it to show up looking like Jon Lovitz in a devil costume (from SNL back in better times). That, of course, is ridiculous. Evil will manifest itself by destroying people physically and spiritually through things like addiction and sexual perversion, two of the largest current scourges of our society.

It will also seek to eliminate it’s competition, that being scripturally sound religion. While the latter is not so easily found these days, as evil has infiltrated the administrative portions of religion as with the Vatican, evil will happily strike down anything that even has the thinnest appearance of religion, so as to draw ever more people under it’s corrupting influence. More than anything it wants to damn as many people as it possibly can. Much like a pimp turning out a teenage girl, it absolutely relishes ruining the good and pure, entirely for it’s own sake.

Policy decisions like this are bald faced efforts at growing the horde of evil by reducing the potential good influence of religion simply though restricting it’s visibility and reach. It’s sickening to watch these battles be lost one by one, with no abatement in the onslaught.

And even if one is not a believer, anyone who doesn’t share the utterly destructive objectives of the left should be able to recognize by now that they are willfully and maliciously drowning us in a sewer of misery and despair.

Joe Blow · April 9, 2023 at 7:59 am

I am amazed that people feel the piss running down their neck, complain about the smell, and yet still pretend that its raining.
Heads on pikes, light em on fire. Fuck these vermin. I cannot wait for the chain to come loose.

SoCoRuss · April 9, 2023 at 3:12 pm

As a Military retiree and another 21yr as Fed civilian supporting and training the kids that replaced me, I’m not surprised at all. The people not inside don’t have a freaking clue about what goes on inside the military and govt anymore.

In case you haven’t heard, NO ONE is coming to save you.

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