This is the weekend before midterms. There are many students that are practically living in the cadaver labs in preparation for the tests. I myself spent 5 hours there yesterday, and 4 this morning. There was an incident at the school that really irritates me. When I went in yesterday, I noticed that the lounge that we used had been trashed. There were things torn from the walls, and general vandalism. The other students told me that there had been a “scruffy looking” guy in there (and his face around the nose and mouth was covered in blue paint) when they arrived at 7 a.m., but that he ran away when challenged. Found in there were a number of stolen goods, including a television, food, and other personal items. Security was called and they took a report.
I stayed until 2 o’clock and left. Shortly after that, the guy returned. Security came again, and he fought with them, they pepper sprayed him, and he ran. They caught him several blocks away. There has been a campus safety notice advising us not to be in the building alone, as they do not know if he had accomplices. (Great, the weekend before midterms).
Of course the school has a “no weapons” policy, violation of which will get you expelled. I am sure that the dirtbags will follow that policy as well as they have the “no stealing” the “no trespassing” the “no vandalizing” the “no huffing paint” and the “no treating the school as a drug den/homeless shelter” policies, which carry the penalty of a warm place to stay and several hot meals.
The people who oppose campus carry frequently use the excuses:
– A gun distracts from the learning environment. I find it hard to believe that me having a concealed weapon will distract from the learning environment more than being attacked simply because I am alone studying in the lab.
– College students are immature, irresponsible drunkards. I am 44 years old, a graduate student, and in less than a year’s time I will be writing prescriptions and making decisions about people’s lives and health. If I am too immature and drunk to carry a gun, how can I be a health provider?
– You could use pepper spray instead. First- pepper spray is also prohibited, and note that the assailant RAN several blocks AFTER being pepper sprayed by security. If that were a young lady using that pepper spray, and he felt like fighting, how much good would that spray do?

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SiGraybeard · March 12, 2012 at 11:47 pm

You are the shining example of why campus carry should be allowed. If you're permitted to carry at all, why should you be denied that right just because you crossed a street?

There was an attempt to allow that in Tally last session and it got killed. Naturally, the media coverage was they usual PSH over kids with guns, never even considering the typical student on most campuses is over 21.

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