This is my line in the sand. I won’t turn in my guns. Pass a ban. See what happens. FAFO

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Yodar · July 29, 2022 at 10:42 pm

It’s coming . . . again. It would appear that that a potential “Civil War II” is not the actual goal. The true goal appears to be revolutionary in nature. I say this reluctantly after reviewing history, both ancient and modern, and finding great similarities to our current situation. As Joe Huffman says: “Prepare accordingly”.

Utopia Is Banished · July 30, 2022 at 1:41 am

The early 2000s can you dig it protomeme comes to mind with unarmed comrade citizens on one side digging and armed minions of the state on the other side.
They were only following orders as part of the Long March to build the New Man utopia.

BobF · July 30, 2022 at 6:58 am

What guns?

Oh! You mean those two in the garage? Hell, take ’em both. One is a mess with all that Liquid Nails stuff all over it and the ratchet on the other one won’t feed caulk very well anyway.

    Divemedic · July 30, 2022 at 8:58 am

    All joking aside, when we get to that point, they aren’t going to be asking where the guns are. Someone you know will turn you in. Ask Yunis Isaac Mejia how that works.
    The cops will arrive and stack at your door before killing your dog, tossing in a couple of flashbangs, then kicking the door in. They may or may not kill your wife and one of the kids. Then they will tear apart the house, torch open your safe, then arrest and hold you indefinitely while you await trial because they found a rifle you didn’t even know was illegal. Even if they find nothing, they won’t fix any of the damage, and your dog and family will still be dead. Sound far fetched? Ask Randy Weaver.

    You will be charged with 18 Federal felonies and will be facing up to 86 years in Federal prison. The judge will order you held without bail, and your lawyer will be denied access to exculpatory evidence on national security grounds. Far fetched? Ask the J6 protesters.

    They will then offer you a deal: They will “allow you” to plead guilty to a single felony in order to reduce your prison time to “only” 42 months. All you have to do to get this deal is turn in one of your buddies who owns one of the prohibited guns. How many of your friends down at the gun range will do that to spare themselves decades of prison time?

    Who knows about your guns? Do you have a family member that is moderately against guns, but knows what you have? Don’t think your family would dime you out? Neither did this guy until his son turned him in.

Toastrider · July 30, 2022 at 8:46 am

While no one ever went broke betting on the calumny of Senators, the impression I get is that this is going nowhere, especially as we’re coming up on the midterms. Schumer will quietly shelve it, then blame the ‘obstructionist GOP’ for blocking it.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on parts and ammo. That’s stuff the current regime might have more luck messing with.

f · July 30, 2022 at 10:06 am

If this does come to pass, there is something we can all do for each other that I think is/would be really important. Big as leviathan is, he doesn’t have enough troops / police whatever to do this all at once. I think it would start with some really messy/bad confiscation raids with dogs shot/family killed/houses burned to make their point. Or not, maybe it would be just raids on what they see as low-hanging fruit (probably most of us hanging out here would be that, lots of guns and ammo that would look bad when stacked up in your driveway and they have a “look at all the stuff this terrorist had” news conference).
Anyway, the thing we can and should do imo is to stay in especially close contact and keep tabs on all of your gun nut buddies. Not just buddies but even acquaintances from matches or gun clubs. If those people start getting raided or disappeared, that’s something all of us need to know. If you know that it has started and they just haven’t worked their way down to you, that might change your own calculations of risk and that it’s time to flee or make your stand. Better to have some warning it’s coming than to find them stacked outside your house at 0400.
Paul Revere and William Dawes may not have fired a shots when it kicked off yet our war for independence would not have succeeded without them spreading the word.

Don Curton · July 30, 2022 at 2:05 pm

I thought the bill was to prohibit the manufacture and sale of new “assault weapons” only. I don’t know if there’s actually anything in there about confiscation of existing rifles. Let’s not jump the gun. The bill itself is bad enough as a ban on new stuff, but there’s no way they can confiscate the AR’s produced last year, much less the AR’s produced over the last 30 years. This is what we went through in the 90’s, more of less.

Unless there’s some language there I haven’t seen.

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