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Not a Choice?

So Demi Lovado has decided to change her pronouns again– for the third time in a year. These delusional people keep telling us that they are born like this and it isn’t a choice. If you refuse to use the pronouns that they select for themselves, YOU are the intolerant bigot.

Then they go out and change it, seemingly on a weekly basis.

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Who? Is that like Ariana Grande live at the Taco Bell Arena?
This actually happened and the laughter was good.

Excellent — Taco Bell Arena is most awesome venue. Almost better than Camping World Stadium!

Read it somewhere out here on the rebel interwebs:

Trannies couldn’t accept themselves as they are, so where do they get off expecting us to accept them as they present themselves?

“Everyone messes up pronouns at some point, especially when people are learning,” she concluded. β€œIt’s just all about respect.”
What double secret pronoun is it using today?

I don’t know why I hear her name, but she’s a canary in the coal mine of our coal mine in the middle of a sulfur field of a culture.

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