Not even for dogcatcher

Pence is running against Trump in Arizona. I don’t care who Pence is running against. He is an establishment Republican who cares more about power than he does the country. I won’t give him my vote for dogcatcher.

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He had the ability to question the shenanigans involving the 2020 elections. He chose not to.

F him.

F him with a rusty chainsaw.

Deep State Uniparty kayfabe rat.
Only a demoralized eunuch society would even entertain the thought.
Good luck with the abortionists, team rainbow and CPUSA true believers there Pence.
Dominion/SmartMatic and the Zuckerborg say sorry no drop boxes for you.

A friend once described Pence while he was VP. “No matter where he was, he always acted as if he wanted to be somewhere else.”

His speeches during the campaign of 2020 were scripted & stringently adhered to and delivered in such a robotic manner that it rendered him unbelievable.

Ya’ know, now it kinda reminds me of Ray Epps imploring Jan. 6th protesters to go into the Capitol despite him actually joining them.

Isn’t he from Indiana? Running in Arizona? Kind of like the meretricious H from Arkansas running in NY? Or Romney from governor in MA to senator in UT? What’s with all these frauds moving around and getting elected? Can’t be any chicanery involved.

He is running for President. He is beginning in one of the states that sandbagged in 2020.

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