The mainstream media insists that it is REAL news. So let’s see an example of what they think is real news. The Orlando Sentinel actually printed this story on Friday, titled “Was this Trump’s most embarrassing moment?”:

Trump, who plans to be in Orlando on Monday, went Full Shmoe on Thursday at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. As he got out of his limousine and walked up the stairs of Air Force One, a piece of toilet paper appeared to be stuck to his left shoe.
It might have been a napkin or a tissue or perhaps a page torn from Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook.
For the sake of mainstream media bias, let’s just go with toilet paper. It’s funnier to think that the most powerful man in the world could use a gold-plated toilet and have the evidence follow him out.

This is what the MSM thinks is real news.

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