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The thought among Democrats is that they are going to make guns illegal. Let’s say that you manage to circumvent or repeal the Second Amendment and then pass your dream wish list of gun control laws. All guns are now illegal. Now what?

SWAT is going to go door to door and take them? How is that working out in Washington state?

So you manage to find enough cops that will go door to door and take them. Guys like these:

I suppose that those guys look pretty scary and impressive, if you don’t know anything about guns or military tactics. Bunching up like that only works in an environment where there is only one threat, and you know where it is.

You know what that looks like to me? An ambush target. Someone in the police department, even a clerk, gets wind of a raid and makes a call. The guy they are there to see? He is waiting across the street with a handful of his friends, watching these idiots. A mad minute from as few as three guys with decent rifles, and your SWAT team is toast. The next raid will have a harder time finding volunteers. There are over 100 million firearms owners in this country.

So what then?

There are reports that the Democrats are beginning to request military assistance in eliminating “gun crime.” The Democrats insist that a citizen’s militia armed with rifles can’t defeat the US military. They are right. However, the US military isn’t who a citizen’s militia will be fighting.

If I have learned anything from watching the wars in the mideast and in Vietnam, it is this:
The US military cannot be beaten in battle.
The US itself CAN be beaten with a change in tactics:
Every soldier depends on a long logistics chain that delivers the widgets needed for the machinery of war: everything from diodes found in an F35’s avionics, to bullets, and even fuel for vehicles. Attacking the US military through challenges to logistics, a military art that the US army practically invented, is difficult if you are a foreign belligerant, because our logistical base is protected by an ocean with SLOCs guarded by the strongest navy in the world.

The answer to defeating the US as a nation lies not in fighting the military. That isn’t a winning strategy. Instead, defeating the military involves attacking unguarded supply lines. A tank without fuel is a pillbox. A jet fighter without parts to repair its avionics is a static display.

So the military expends forces to guard supply convoys. The civilian militia knocks down power lines. Now forces are needed to patrol the power infrastructure. Then the rail lines that bring raw materials to the factories are sabotaged. Then factory workers. Military families are attacked while soldiers are away guarding convoys.

A civil war is always brutal and bloody. One thing that the British discovered in 1776 was that militia forces don’t follow the rules that armies do. Those cowardly colonial militias didn’t fight fair. They deliberately targeted officers, they hid instead of standing in the open. The militias were composed of veterans who learned lessons by fighting in the indian wars. The militias today are made up largely of veterans who learned lessons on asymmetrical warfare from our current conflicts.

Those on the left who are advocating for this think that such a war would only be fought by the military. The ones dying will be only the people they despise: the military and the gun owning right. They don’t realize that such a fight would be fought in their own backyards, their own gated neighborhoods.

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BC · February 24, 2019 at 1:12 pm

Waiting across the street? Those JBTs are there to destroy you, your home, and your family.
Each one of those raiders have a home or family too though, so does the political SOB that sent them out.

With the raid team busy there are much softer targets that would put a stop to the raiding just as well. The optics are bad, but the message would be crystal clear:

Welcome to USA Civil War II

Divemedic · February 24, 2019 at 6:06 pm

A good point. Since cops tend to park their take home cars in front of their homes, there are plenty of people who know where they live. Once Officer Friendly becomes Officer Jackboot and begins killing off innocents, things go pear shaped in a hurry and his own family becomes fair game.

BC · February 25, 2019 at 4:44 am

My most sincere hope is it doesn't come to that. The huge loss of life caused by the lust for control for the power hungry political class and the closed minded fools that support them would be a disaster on a world wide scale.

Craig Mark · February 26, 2019 at 11:15 pm

"The answer to defeating the US as a nation lies not in fighting the military."

That is a true statement. The goal of a war is to make the government (AND the population who have to support that government) unwilling to continue said war. Think about our involvement in Vietnam. Many countries have been defeated who's militaries had not been destroyed.

I submit that in the event of US Civil War 2.0 that the focus of the insurrection should be on softer targets such as the lying news media (aka the Democrat party propaganda machine) who are fueling the politicians who then are enabling and thus fueling the military and the police. It doesn't take much for a news organization to cry uncle once their own are the subject of ire. Just look at how they howl when their people even are detained, much less those who are killed in the middle of a conflict. Perhaps they should be made to howl until they start telling the truth instead of being willing puppets for those who would destroy the Constitution and western civilization.

Ever since man has clustered into bands with central leadership there have been ‘enforcers’ for the leadership. One of the reoccurring themes of that form of ‘leadership’ has been that the oligarchs do NOT care how many of their enforcers are lost in the enforcement; the enforcers are expendable in their eyes. But the leadership are always happy to use the loss of the enforcers to their own propaganda advantage. And more enforcers are always available.

The media are the ones fueling this anti-gun owner fire at the masses and enbolding to pols. Targeting the enforcers does nothing to give pain to the ones who really call the shots.

“You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” – William Randolph Hearst, January 25, 1898

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