For those who read this blog last year while it was still on blogger, you may remember the “Danger Zones” list– the list of places where BLM/Antifa insurgents had gotten violence. Many of the cities that saw violence last year have calmed down since the election and the list isn’t applicable any longer.

However, in light of the reports coming out of Portland detailing how Antifa is pulling drivers out of vehicles at gunpoint, I still think that the advice for Zones 4 and 5 applies, with slightly modified definitions:

Zone 5: Occupied Zones
Areas in zone 5 are areas where the government has ceded or lost all control and has openly declared that they cannot and will not provide basic government services like police, fire, and EMS. These areas are completely out of governmental control and can best be described as being behind enemy lines. Anyone in this area is advised to leave immediately, even if this means abandoning property.

Minnesota: Minneapolis in the area of 38th street and Chicago Avenue (the area called “George Floyd Square”)

Oregon: Portland

Zone 4: Disputed Territory

Zone 4 zones are those where deadly force has been used to kill and/or seriously injure anyone who the insurgents feel are not sufficiently sympathetic or supportive of their goals. Government authority has either effectively or openly sided with the insurgents and is providing them with active support. Anyone in these areas is advised that violence is occurring and will continue to occur in these areas, and for this reason the area should be avoided. Use of force in self defense will result in arrest. Anyone living in or near these areas is advised to leave as soon as arrangements can be made.

Oregon and Washington: The entire Interstate 5 corridor from the Canadian border south to Eugene, Oregon, with the exception of Portland (which is a Zone 5).

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