Of the three men who stopped the terror attack on the train in France back in August, one of them had the college he was attending attacked by a spree shooter. In fact, had he not agreed to do an interview on the Today show, he would have been there that morning. Skarlatos said he was supposed to be present that day in Snyder Hall, the same building where the shooting took place.

I wasn’t the only person to make that connection. The American Thinker did as well.

Now comes news that Spencer Stone, the second American hero who thwarted the attack and was stabbed by the terrorist in the process, has been stabbed again by two unknown assailants.

We are supposed to believe that these two attacks are a coincidence. If I were Anthony Sadler, the third American involved in stopping that attack, I would be watching my back right now.

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Anonymous · October 9, 2015 at 4:18 am

yeah, no kidding. Some little podunk community college suddenly gets a mass murderer? A disagreement leaving a bar in CALI turns into a KNIFE attack so bad the cops start investigating it as a homicide?

Not buying it. The first thing I thought of was the connection.

Hopefully the third guy and his family can stay safe.


Oh, I think I might have tried REALLY hard for anonymity. Like a street gang, they don't forget, and they don't forgive.

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