Restorative justice is a belief that as long as the victim is somehow made whole, the crime never really happened. If a person steals something, as long as that person reimburses the victim for the value of what was stolen, there is no further punishment. The underlying theory is that all people are basically good, and as long as they are treated with love and respect, they will always seek to do what is right.

And it’s complete bullshit. That is why the Restorative Justice ADA released the man who, two days later, would go on to kill by driving his car into a Christmas Parade.

Let me ask: How will those people whose children were run over and killed be made whole?

The people who believe it are largely people who have never met a real criminal. They have never met a person who was truly evil. Instead, they believe that all people are equal. A serial rapist is the same as a 17 year old lifeguard. That is also why they don’t believe in self defense. Whether it is the lifeguard or the serial rapist is killed, as far as they are concerned a death is a death.

Well, my life matters. The life of my loved ones matter. I will defend them.

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Conquered by Quisling Traitors · November 22, 2021 at 12:36 pm

Moral Relativism is just another tool to burn it all down by any means necessary in the Long March to deliver the former republic to the global Soviet.
Many Paul Revere’s warned society and now the End Game is here and there won’t be anything but a 3000 mile charcoal birdbath bomb crater by 2024.

Big Ruckus D · November 22, 2021 at 3:39 pm

Too many whites are still stuck in their decades long programmed brainwashing that racism (merely a politically perverted pejorative for tribalism, a perfetly normal and natural human behavior) is bad. And so here we are, far too many foolish whites who believe the official narrative to their own detriment, being vicitimzed by the other yet again.

I don’t know how – or even if – the undying trust in what these fools have been taught can ever be broken. We have repeatedly seen goodwhites™ make excuses for the violent tendencies of non-whites, up to and including prosecutors outright refusing to bring cases, or in the present case allowing a repeat felon to be sprung on a stupidly low $1000 bond to go out and commit another violent offense. And still so many ostensibly “white” people making excuses for this sack of shit. It is literally reflexive behavior for many white shitlibs to take to twitter or fakebook and preemptively excuse an act of violence like that of last night simply because the perp was black, or some other ethnic minority granted special untouchable status.

Honestly, I’m well past the point of writing off any white person who still believes and thinks in this way, let them die at the hands of their precious diversity. Better for them to be the burnt offerings to the cult of inclusivity, than me and mine. I really don’t think they can be reached, and after their endless traitorous behavior over so many years, about all I can muster for them is a big, healthy “fuck off and die” anyway.

All the more since they will knee-jerk accuse me of being a racist and piece of shit, paying no heed to the nuance of my message. As a white man, I don’t advocate for unfounded hatred of blacks. I do advocate a wariness and suspicion of their presence, motives and actions. Their culture and values are not mine – nor vice versa – and when our dissimilar systems of belief and behavior come into conflict, incidents like the Waukesha WI Christmas parade are too often the result.

White libtards and apologists will say I’m no better than this subhuman garbage in the Waukesha hit and run for my position, but conveneintly ignore the fact I haven’t targeted and killed a black person (much less multiples of them) in a hate induced rage. Meanhile, I can cite innumerable instances of blacks violently attacking and killing whites for nothing more than racial animus.

There is also the fact that just as whites have been propagandized and trained for decades to be polite, deferential and non-suspicious of minorities – blacks most specifically – blacks meanwhile have been brainwashed by the very same tri-parenthesed propoganda pimps to envy and hate whites for our productivity, intelligence, work ethic and all the success that stems from that. This immersion in taught hatred of whites has lead them to commit acts like these, just as the now popularized concept of school shooters as wind up toys deployed by the federal bureau of instigstion.

I’ll stick to my habit of being alert and suspicious of others I don’t know and/or have little to nothing in common with. It has served me very well, while I have repeatedly seen what happens to those who let their guard down.

LOVE IS LOVE · November 23, 2021 at 3:12 am


    John · November 23, 2021 at 6:21 am

    But it is objectively wrong, and if you act on those impulses you go to jail. Very simple really.

    Pedos should swing · November 23, 2021 at 11:26 am

    Adults who rape children should be hung.

    HATE IS HATE · November 23, 2021 at 12:31 pm

    Pedophiles are perverse scum with irreversible psychological damage.

    Messing with kids is a real capital offense, if I catch you doing it. Now save us the trouble and go eat a bullet, you fucking faggot.

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