Now that the legal challenges to the election have been brushed aside by SCOTUS and the various state courts, Biden’s victory is in the bag. The left is now tightening their grip by enacting new lockdowns and restrictions. 

In New York, the Governor has again shut down restaurants, even while schools stay open, and violent protests continue. Note that in the last link, protesters were pounding on the windows of a car, and the motorist tried to flee from the violent mob. It was the motorist that was arrested, not the mob. 

In Baltimore, the new mayor’s first official act was to lockdown the entire city. 

The Biden transition team is already telling Americans to cancel Christmas

Other shutdowns:

The Virginia governor has instituted a midnight to 5 am curfew, effective from December 14 to January 31. Because the virus can only be caught at night, or something- hey, look SCIENCE! 

Ohio’s governor has also ordered a 10pm to 5am curfew. 

California is shut down. North Carolina has a curfew,, even though curfews have had no effect in Massachusetts and Ohio, both of which have had curfews in effect for over a month. 

I recently commented on another blog about this being a communist takeover of the nation, and Tam derided that opinion as laughable. If I had told you in December of 2019 that the incoming President Biden would advise cancelling Christmas and locking people in their homes, and 10 governors would cooperate by ordering businesses shutdown and overnight curfews, you would have called me insane. 

Look at the evidence, stop falling to normalcy bias. The only reason for discounting the theory that our government is being overthrown is that it has never happened before. If 2020 should have taught you anything, it should have taught you that normal no longer has a home here. 

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