This week, the Sheriff of Orange County, Florida, Jerry Demings, says that he wants to stop gun violence. He is so serious, that he teamed up with Democrat Senator Bill Nelson to try and pass gun control legislation back in January, and is on record as saying that police are the ‘only ones’ that should be allowed to own guns.
Of course, he neglects to mention that his department, and actually, he and his wife, have supplied more guns to criminals than I and all of my gun owning friends have, combined.

On February 7, 2012,  Deputy Peggy Leonard’s personal car was broken into and her handgun was stolen. It was recovered the next day.
In 2011, a Deputy had a pistol and a shotgun stolen from his unlocked patrol vehicle.
In 2009, the Sheriff’s wife, who is the police chief of Orlando, had her pistol stolen from her unlocked police vehicle. The police tried to keep the press from finding out.
In 2006, a SWAT Deputy had a silenced MP5 submachine gun, a .308 caliber rifle, and a .45 caliber handgun stolen from his patrol SUV.
As deputy police chief in 2007, Mrs. Demings ordered off-duty officers to
store city-issued AR-15 assault rifles at police headquarters after
three of the weapons were stolen.

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