One of the things that an attempted insurgency must do is drown out any message that is contrary to their own. The signs that this is happening are becoming more and more evident. People’s jobs are being destroyed over perceived racism. We have been seeing that for at least a year with the stints in FB jail. The insurgents have been doxxing people and destroying their businesses and careers for any possible statements they may have made, even if the statement was made years ago and wasn’t out of the mainstream at the time it was made.

For that reason, I have deleted my social media presence. This blog is all that remains, and if things get much worse, that will be deleted as well. I know this may seem like an overreaction, but let me quote the Guide to Analysis of Insurgency, and you can tell me where you think we are right now. First, there is the:

Preinsurgency Stage
A conflict in the preinsurgency stage is difficult to detect because most
activities are underground and the insurgency has yet to make its presence
felt through the use of violence. Moreover, actions conducted in the open
can easily be dismissed as nonviolent political activity. During this stage,
an insurgent movement is beginning to organize: leadership is emerging,
and the insurgents are establishing a grievance and a group identity,
beginning to recruit and train members, and stockpiling arms and supplies.

Then the insurgency advances to:

Incipient Conflict Stage
A struggle enters the incipient conflict stage when the insurgents begin to
use violence. Often these initial attacks provide analysts the first alert to
the potential for an insurgency. The target government, however, frequently
dismisses insurgent actions as the work of bandits, criminals, or terrorists,
which increases the risk that the government will employ counterproductive

As the violence increases, the insurgency enters:

Open Insurgency Stage
At this stage, no doubt exists that the government is facing an insurgency.
Politically, the insurgents are overtly challenging state authority and
attempting to exert control over territory. Militarily, the insurgents are
staging more frequent attacks, which have probably become more
aggressive, violent, and sophisticated and involve larger numbers of
fighters. As the insurgency becomes more active, external support for the
belligerents probably becomes more apparent, if it exists..

An insurgency at this stage often progresses from undermining state authority to displacing and replacing it. Insurgents may develop a “shadow government” that mirrors state administrative structures and may establish “no-go” areas where government representatives have been driven out and where only large formations of security forces can operate.

It is my feeling that the insurgency entered the Incipient conflict stage during the 2016 elections, when Antifa began using violence as a means to influence the political arena. I also believe that now we are beginning to enter the open insurgency stage, with the insurgency beginning to declare “police free” zones.

At any rate, the doxxing and economic/personal destruction of anyone deemed to be an outspoken opponent to the insurgency will, in my opinion accelerate as the election approaches. This will eventually increase to the point of physical attacks. The economic, reputation, and legal attacks upon people will continue. Anyone deemed to be an enemy of the BLM movement will be destroyed financially, legally, and in the community. They will have their careers, reputation, and finances destroyed for any perceived weakness or wrongthink.

Of course, there is always the possibility that I am wrong and the violence will disappear after the election, but I believe it is enough of a possibility that I am beginning to take steps to secure my position.

I believe that, since hostilities have already been initiated in the large cities, that further hostilities are probable, and they will occur with little to no warning.

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Therefore · June 12, 2020 at 7:19 pm

I hope you do not need to delete this blog.

Be safe and well.

Divemedic · June 13, 2020 at 3:32 am

So do I, because I fear that pulling the plug here will mean the overthrow of our government by the communists is imminent.

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