I have been making the case for awhile that the BLM, Antifa, etc. insurgency is heavily organized and funded. It really is looking like they have a serious bit of professional organization. Sure, they claim to not be an organized group, but a closer look reveals that they are as organized as the US military.

The NATO militaries use the Continental Staff system, which organizes staff functions like this:

S1 manpower or personnel: They have active recruitment on college campuses.

S2 intelligence security: They are using organized sigint against the police by using scanners. They have people online that are making lists, gathering intel, then passing it along.

S3 operations: See below

S4 logistics: There have field kitchens, along with factories (staffed by volunteers) to manufacture shields. Pallets of bricks being delivered ahead of protests.

S5 plans See below

S6 communications: They are using encrypted communications to coordinate efforts at both the tactical and strategic level. They are also using social media to great effect as both a way to attract more followers and as a way to get the word out on evolving situations in a rapid manner.

S7 education and training. There are web training sites, and in person training sessions.

S8 finance: They have a fund set up for bailing out arrested members.

S9 civil affairs. They have people calling themselves journalists who carefully don’t photograph faces, tattoos, or other identifying features to protect the insurgents. An obvious production of propaganda. Snopes itself seems to be promoting much of the propaganda by simply denying all of the evidence of this organized activity. 

The also have a JAG corps to provide legal assistance.

They are displaying all sorts of capabilities. It isn’t just laser pointers and rocks. They are also engaging in such force multipliers as jamming police radio communications  in Minnesota, Illinois and Texas.

Operations and planning were the only areas where I couldn’t find verifiable articles or links. However, considering the highly organized and methodical way that this is being carried out, I would suggest that there is a significant command and control structure in place. Any other links would be appreciated.

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