The city of Orlando is about to ban plastic straws, bags, and containers from all city property.

“This covers … public right of way like food trucks,” Castro said.

Ironic last name aside, will this result in traffic stops if you are seen on the public right of way with a McDonald’s cup? There is also a city ordinance about scooping your dog’s poop. Maybe you can use bags made from a liberal chick’s underarm hair.

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Beans · June 3, 2019 at 5:13 am

Gainesville and Alachua County have banned plastic grocery bags and styrofoam containers as of January 2020. They are working on plastic straws.

When this came up, one of our most brilliant city commissioners actually said this was to stop the plastics from ending up in the ocean.

Uh… we dump our stuff into a landfill that's 150 feet above sea level. If our plastics are ending up in the ocean, I think we have a little more to worry about than plastics, like the oceans have risen 150'…

Hate this stuff.

Especially since recent research has come out saying it takes 20,000 times of using a reuseable bag before it becomes as eco-friendly as 20,000 plastic bags.

As to straws… well, I always base my judgement on flawed studies done by 9th graders…

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