After spending over two decades in the fire service, I can tell you that many firefighters are out of control. It is frequently a good old boy’s club, with many having attitudes that were more at home in the 50s and 60s. This video, originally found over at Statter911, and commented on by AD, illustrates part of what I’m talking about.

This is sort of a respect my authoritah attitude. There are many firefighters that I call friends who have no problem with the actions of this Captain. Heck, I’ve seen some firefighters act just like this.

They treat their own the same way. We had one company officer that wouldn’t allow female firefighters on his truck, and a Battalion shift who did all in his power to ensure that there were no women working for him. The Captain in the above video will get no punishment, and the powers that be will circle the wagons. This has turned into an “us versus them” situation, with the public on one side, and government employees on the other.

The actions of the fire officer in this video are embarrassing to the entire profession.

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