I was at a party yesterday, and a person there was complaining that the attorney general was wasting the taxpayer’s money on a lawsuit that “had no judicial merit.” I said that I wasn’t so sure, and that IMO the Obama health plan was unconstitutional. I asked him which part of the Constitution granted the Federal Government the power to force me to buy a product.

His reply was that the government already does this when they force you to buy car insurance. This was easy to rebut, because the Federal Government doesn’t force you to buy insurance, that is a state law, and that law still allows a driver to be self insured, doesn’t require you to have insurance if you don’t have a car, nor does it require that you buy insurance to operate a car upon your private property.

I told him that the Obama plan will not work, because it requires an insurance company to cover a preexisting condition, so people will have no reason to get insurance until they are sick, and since the “fine” for not having insurance is significantly less than the cost of insurance, they won’t. Thus, a person who gets sick will simply call and purchase the insurance while he is on his way to the hospital.

He responded with some talking point about the last 8 years, blah, blah, to which I responded that I didn’t like Bush, either, but that this discussion had nothing to do with the exPresident, and that we were talking about Obama. He then said that we can’t blame Obama until the first 2 years (HALF the term) are over. So I replied that we could then lay 9/11 and the recession of 2001 directly at the feet of Clinton, since that all happened during the first 2 years of the Bush Whitehouse. “That’s different,” he said.

I moved in for the kill. “So Bush is responsible for all 8 years he was in office, and the first two years of Obama.” His wife, who was standing there agreeing with me, then took him away.

Every supporter of Obama uses the exact same words and phrases in their arguments, almost as if they are reading from a script. It is obvious that they are not thinking about this on their own, that they are simply parroting lines that they have heard somewhere else. This makes them easy to debate, as they are not putting any thought into this.

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