Sadly, there are not many companies out there that surprise me with great products and excellent customer service. I am happy to say that I have found one.

In January, the nylon cover of the inflation bladder on my buoyancy compensator began to tear. That didn’t surprise me, as it has seen more than a decade of hard use. It has been on dives in pools, oceans, caves, and lakes. It is supposed to be rinsed with fresh water after each use, and I must admit that I rarely do so.

I tried to repair it locally and was unable to find anyone that could do the job. I contacted the factory, OxyCheq, and they informed me that due to the age and condition of the wing, any repair that they attempted would be ultimately unsuccessful, and they also informed me that the model I had been using had been discontinued some years before. Now they could have left things there, and they would still have had a satisfied customer. After all, I had gotten more than ten years of use out of their product.

Instead, the company offered to sell me a new model at cost: I would get a replacement valued at $440, for only the factory cost of $250. I took them up on the offer, and it arrived within 2 days.

I can tell you that the new one looks great, and I look forward to another decade of use.

I highly recommend OxyCheq and their products. They are quality pieces of equipment, made in America (right here in Florida), tough as nails, and the company has a great attitude on customer service.

Well done, OxyCheq.

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