A parent is critical of Rochester Community School board on Social Media. The school board saw the messages, then called and notified her employer about her postings on Social Media. The parent was fired by her employer. She sued the school board in Federal court, and they settled out of court.

See the video from Lehto’s Law (you watch them too, right?)

This is where Republicans need to hammer the Democrats. They are using schools to attack and groom your kids. Use things like their opposition to the Florida Parental Rights law and make them defend wanting to torture and groom kids for trannies in Kindergarten.

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EN2 SS · March 29, 2022 at 10:14 am

The ONLY action that stops trannys/pedophiles/demoncrats Evil is driving a wooden stake through their blood pumps (they don’t have a heart). Anything less and they go into hiding, only to re-emerge later, like locusts. If I remember correctly, in the End Times they come out and attack non-Christians, never killing them, just making their lives even more miserable.

    Big Ruckus D · March 29, 2022 at 3:37 pm

    ^ pretty much what he said. In the meantime, the parents need to stop playing the game by pulling their kids out of govt child abuse and indoctrination daycare centers. Is that a hardship? Tough shit, anything worth doing has a cost. Anyone leaving their kids in these places, now that the depravity of the curriculum has been clearly established, is complicit in the abuse, irrespective or any complaints or posturing against it, by falling to safely isolate their children from the immediate threat, which is ongoing 8 am – 3 pm 5 days a week, 9 months a year. Really, it’s worse than that due to the TV and internet filling in the gaps when school isn’t in session.

    So, a sobering note to parents: you no longer have control of the system, if ever you did. And you won’t get it back without copious amounts of violence, properly directed, which is what ultimately will be required to depose the miserable pedofaggots (and their myriad apologists) who do have control of it. They have more than demonstrated their thirst for the application of violence against all they consider their adversaries. You will come to do the same against them, or you’ll continue to be further marginalized and your kids ruined. Take that to the bank.

    To further drive home the point, here’s a thought excercise: if you catch someone in the act of torturing your kid, do you kill the perp on the spot and immediately remove your child from the presence of the threat, or do you leave the kid in situ while you go and bitch to the authorities about it? What if the authorities fail to respond in a manner that halts the torture (BTW, you are here)? Crashing a school board meeting with complaints – irrespective of their legitimacy – is doing the latter, and is why the parents doing so keep losing. Note that the defintion of torture here is intentionally broad to include psychologicial conditioning, as well it should be.

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