The Republicans prove that they pay mere lip service to their stated principles:

We can preempt the debt explosion. Backed by a Republican Senate and
House, our next President will propose immediate reductions in federal
spending, as a down payment on the much larger task of long-range fiscal
control. We suggest a tripartite test for every federal activity.
First, is it within the constitutional scope of the federal government?
Second, is it effective and absolutely necessary? And third, is it
sufficiently important to justify borrowing, especially foreign
borrowing, to fund it? Against those standards we will measure programs
from international population control to California’s federally
subsidized high-speed train to nowhere, and terminate programs that
don’t measure up.

 They always tell you that they want to cut the deficit, but never do. The politics always get in the way. The recent government shutdown was ended because certain Republican congressmen were paid off with pork being sent to their districts.

Republicans get pork for their district, Federal workers got paid for
the time they missed during the shutdown, proving that this was
political theater and politics as usual in Washington. Party of
principles, my ass.

This train wreck is not going to be avoided. We are on a road to ruin, and there is no avoiding it. $17 trillion already borrowed, more printed, and $100 trillion promised. Sooner or later, the house of cards will fall.

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