Next time someone tells you that British police do not carry firearms, you can show them these pictures as evidence that at least some of them do…

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Will · December 16, 2015 at 9:39 am

When a typical Bobbie is armed, it is carried concealed. The .gov wants things to look "normal" for public consumption. Got this from a Bobbie that blogs, a few years ago. Every round issued has to be accounted for at end of shift. Gun stays at the station, never goes home with the officer. If the officer is forced to shoot someone, he becomes a pariah. The other officers will ostracize him.

Your photos are tactical response team members, I think. Those are the guys that man the "Gun Cars". Heavily armed, for dealing with "shots fired" calls. H&K carbines or subguns (HK94/MP5) usually, in addition to handguns.

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