I had a discussion yesterday with an Obama supporter. I had made the comment that Obama had abandoned all the promises that he had made as a candidate. A nearby coworker jumped in and said that he had voted for Obama, and that the President was doing his best.
The conversation went like this:
DiveMedic: “Is this what you voted for? We are still in Iraq, still in Afghanistan, still have prisoners in Gitmo, and now we have invaded Libya.”
Obama Supporter: “Things are more complicated than that.”
DM: “He is the Commander in Chief. The way that works, is he picks up the phone and gives the order. The military obeys.”
OS: “He ended don’t ask, don’t tell.”
DM: “No he didn’t” (Obama signed a law in December that authorizes the President to end DADT, but the policy won’t end until 60 days after the President gives the order, which he hasn’t done, yet. You can’t give him credit for that one, yet.)
OS: “You just don’t like him because he is black.” There it is, the trump card. At this point, the discussion is over, because there is no possibility of having a discussion based upon logic at this point.

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TOTWTYTR · April 7, 2011 at 3:45 pm

Some people just can't face the fact that he's inept. A friend of mine asked me if it was the white part of Obama I didn't like or the black part. I replied that it was the Red part.

He's not only a communist, he's an inept one at that.

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