I recently had the opportunity to meet with Florida Senator Marco Rubio. I discussed school shootings with him, and pointed out that there are many veteran and former law enforcement officers who are teachers, and when a school shooter enters a school, all they can do is hide with their children in the dark and hope that the shooter doesn’t find them.

He seemed pretty receptive, even though he pointed out that there is a lot of opposition to teachers carrying weapons. He wasn’t sure that there were votes at the Federal level to change that any time soon.

I did bring up a few points that it seemed had never occurred to him. I think it is important to meet with our legislators so that they are aware that there are pro gun rights people out there who think this is important.

In the past three months, I have met with my state rep, my congressman, and one of my Senators. I have made political donations to several, and have told the Republican party of Florida that there will be no donations from me, until they can stop assholes like Rick Scott from selling us out.

Let’s put some pressure on our elected officials.

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