I was looking at polls, and I saw some interesting trends.


As of today, Clinton has leads among those who make $35K, but is trailing those with middle incomes from $35K to 75K, and the two are tied among those who make more than $75K. This tells me that the people who work for a living are tired of the status quo.


Clinton has 83% of the black vote. I think that this ties in with the lead she has among with lower incomes, because 85% of Blacks are on Welfare.

Clinton also has a lead among those who have a college degree, but is losing among those with some college. My opinion here is that she is winning among those with degrees who have a low income. Why? Because these are the people who went to college to earn worthless degrees and are stuck under a mountain of student loan debt, but can’t get a decent job to make their loan payments.

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