The point of society is to protect the future for its weaker members. Like any herd, the members of society, even society itself, is there to defend the weaker members, who are usually children and females. Predators don’t attack the strong, they attack the weak, the ones less likely to effectively defend themselves.

SCOTUS today refused to hear a case involving same sex bathroom use. In effect, people are now free to use whatever bathroom that they feel most closely reflects their gender at any given moment.

I want all of you to think about the implications for a moment. I am a 50 something year old man. The law as it is now says that it is discriminatory under Federal law to prohibit me from entering whatever bathroom I feel like matches my chosen gender identity. Were I still a teacher, I could walk into the girl’s bathroom, whip out my penis in full view, and take a leak. Sorry girls, some of us have a penis. Not all women have vaginas. Sick, right?

Child molesters, teenage boys who want to see naked teenaged girls, and any other pervert who wishes to can now use whatever bathroom tickles their fancy.

This law favors the strong while placing weaker individuals at risk. Children, girls, and women are now officially at the mercy of grown men who would use this as an excuse to gain access to the targets of their sick urges in a private location. This is a complete failure of society in protecting its weaker members.

Use the same law to your own advantage. Escort your young children and your women to the bathroom. This law also says that they can’t keep you out either, should you suddenly decide that you feel like you are a woman for the next few minutes. If your woman is older, teach her to defend herself. If she is younger, protect her like the defenseless cub she is.

Pepper spray the fuck out of any predator who even looks at your little girl while she is in the bathroom. Then get the fuck out of there. Don’t stick around so the fucking pervert can claim to be the victim when the cops arrive. It is up to you to defend your weaker loved ones, because society is failing.

The predators are now permitted access to the watering hole. Don’t let your loved ones be a gazelle at the mercy of those who would feed on them.

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D. C. · June 28, 2021 at 4:43 pm

It is absolutely intentional.
Subvert – Undermine – Destroy Time Honored Traditions.
Kill all the olds.
Imagine the network required to synchronize the imposition of this upon us. The timing and co-ordination, from those at the neccessary levels who foist this shit on our civilization, to the black robed nazgul’s who do their part. And look, really look, who says nothing in its defense, against it, its silence that roars. That should tell you all you need to know its a huge machine, everyone is co-opted because everyone is part of the machine because the machine has rigged it so for decades. Makes it seem normal. Thats part of the act and part of how the machine is able to operate along the fringes of the shadows unseen, but hiding in plain sight.
The trick for us good folks is wrapping our noodles around how vast the machine and its network is, how it infects everything, infests all the things, get past that and you can not get it out of your head.
It is all but inconceivable, incomprehensible, to a huge swath of our country. But not for much longer. As the axiom states, They can’t stop the message. But they can try to con millions of us into taking their poison injection. They are resorting to taking out us good folks piecemeal, in detail, one group and demographic at a wack. Wittle us down to size, as William Ayer’s always said. But 25 million in 1964 is not 25 million in 2021. Real kind of another inflation talking about.

This guy put it this way:
“Never before in all of history would such things be tolerated. We are called foolish ‘idealists’ by the same crowds who excuse the collective suicide of our race – by the same crowds who have surrendered everything up to this precipice of history! Foolish for wanting to survive! What is more foolish: knowing you’re in a prison and devising a way to escape it, or trying to convince the jailer to give you your own cell block with fluffier pillows?”
copy-pasted from:

Yeah, Crusades Bitchez!

These globo=pedo’s are everywhere. Right now a number of folks I am close to are on red alert in a situation where they are attempting to get their infected meathooks on a beautiful 3 year old girl and we are prepared and ready waiting for doing whatever it takes to protect this child.( Did you read that assholes? )
Those involved in this ongoing crime have invested over $20 grand in court and lawyers to get her. The claimed father is a fetynal/heroine/meth junky, no house, no job, no car, one of his associates, high as a kite running his mouth on meth, bragged to us 50 large was waiting instantly in exchange for this child. Complete non sequetor comment out of the blue. He was so jacked up dollars to donuts he dont remember uttering those foul words.
A month ago the “father” was in court, the judge to his credit and our emmense gratitude witnessed what we did, the guy was in court high, he stopped the proceedings for a recess, we came back 20 minutes later, called a temp halt in the case. Said judge asked if the “father” was high, the boy lied said he was straight as an arrow, we where watching him nodding off and looking stoned out of his gourd since the beginning of the days ceremonies, judge had the baliff do an on the spot piss test, came back heroine and fetynal at max levels. Sentenced him to 30 days in jail for contempt. But, I asked right off to my friends, why isn’t he instantly disqualified? He and his lawyer been playing every trick possible to avoid a paternity test. It is not sure he is the blood father, for obvious reasons as you can guess. He is not married to the mother, and she isn’t sure who is. But one thing for sure, she has done everything to make sure her mom and dad are the child’s legal guardian.

Critical question asks how does this total complete loser get near 30 grand for lawyers? (I know the boy well as he and his brother live down thru the woods behind my home, at their dad’s, who is a decades long area pot grower/dealer himself, this boy’s brother is a distributer for a nearby town cop drug gang running drugs from the Alabama/Tennessee/Kentucky/W Virginia/Virginia drug conduit, they get major drops by helicopter Monday or Tuesday mornings at an old strip mine, and the products are broke up in smaller amounts for local distribution.
It’s real clannish in these mountains, everyone knows what all are up to, who is who etc. Both boys are protected, they consistently have intell the county Sheriff’s are after them and they disappear till things chill out before they are in the bag. They are part of the hillbilly network the machine runs in these parts, who most are gangstalkers, we see them all over watching and covering people. Unlike urban and suburban area pole tech and 5G surveillance, it’s about impossible here due to rural nature of the land, the ridges and hollows blocking the electromagnetic spectrum, and mounting pole tech is a no go the way poles are tun through woods and private property, be very difficult to hide it. So you get the personal touch as they have to send gangstalkers in to cover you. I’ve become adept at recognizing and dealing with it, teaching friends and family. It was difficult at first, but once they caught on to why and what, and didnt call me a crazed conspiracy theorist it is actually kind of fun. It is really gratifying seeing them getting wise and their minds adapted to whats being done to us and not much gets more anti-fragile mindset and heart than that.
The attempts to get the girl really opened eyes. When they asked me what I thought about a particular person in the neighborhood offer them $30,000 cash if they would sign the baby over to them, somebody who basically had barely a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of, it was a golden opportunity to spell shit out. They smelled a really bad ear anyways.

But all this all ties together, all of it, everything is connected. Don’t think for a sec it ain’t. Everything going on is the machine fucking with us. Everything. It is going for broke. All in.

These perverted violations of taboo are ultimately about drugs-human trafficking of children and woman, its all the same network, it’s cabal, its one of its funding sources, business to it, the pedo culture are like druggies, they are customers. Of course there is adreno-chrome money and the billions from planned genocide’s stem cell and organlegging. Which it seems makes arms trafficking peanuts in relative terms.

Not to mention it appears the commie chinks are more than happy to assert their legacy fucking with us good folks and our unique kind of hegemony, which is anathema to all theirs, so as the superior race what’s any self respecting tyrant to do but help out partners in empires of organized crime and world power.
None of the fuckers like having the only successful slave revolt in history having a positive effect on their slaves and subjects by remaing Freemen.
That shit rankles like nothing else. Cabal has no trouble finding actors and satates who want in on the take and a chance to give us good folks the shaft.
What better way than violating our most sacred K Strategist Christian Western codes and taboos we hold for our children?
It is an intended insult. Max Slight against our culture and precepts.

Aside from the disruptive/destructive purposes that wreck our culture codes and taboos, undermine our long learned hard won traditions, for the purpose to make it easier for the machine and its crime syndicate to rule over us, they are creating desired circumstances for an increased customer base and create conditions not unlike legalizing pot.
You do that by way of the bathroom racket and other taboo crossing violations making it more or less “legal” at least in peoples minds.

And its all components of the larger scope of destroying what America is, what Liberty and it’s elements are. For power and money, of course.
Unfettered economic activity of all and any kind must be utterly destroyed, as ordered liberty is not possible without it.

Whats diff about this tyranny is its size, its immense scale is what, never before has it’s like been experienced. It may be as much as 30-40% of our population is in one fashion or another involved, from the smallest village to the tip of the federal leviathan. This adds up because it is the lowest of the network who make the cabal inner circle in Brussell’s possible. Everyone is on the take, they have transformed the western hemisphere into their cash cow-piggybank. The syndicate must, its appetite is ferocious, its a beast out of control.

I think another purpose for the bathroom madness and other code violating aspects is it creates conditions where there are more opportunities to snatch kids and vulnerable woman and stuff them into the human trafficking meat-grinder, because along with the machines insatiable need for lucre is its need for human sacrifice, torture, body parts for the organlegging/tissue trafficking industry.
Remember one thing if anything, these are not human beings anylonger, they are a different species, their incomprehensible numbers has created a paradigm in perversion, its a self feeding thing, it began snowballing at an earlier point and its a beast, a machine now, an entire race of human’s who believe they are utterly justified, the ultimate hedonists. Once a collective group reached a certain number this anomaly kicked into self replication. It is a true mass insanity event.
And they look like us, live among us, dress and talk and smile at us. They belong, in the ultimate in-group, hellmouth’s clique. Us good folks are outsiders, we can not imagine what this thing is, it is all but beyond our comprehension.
But folks are learning, it’s sinking in, us good folks we are are catching on, this may be why we are seeing all these things that are so unbelievable, like where the fuck do these shitstain’s, in office, in corporations, in government, social media, the criminal media, the brainwashing and neo-bolshevik’s, the whole lot of them, that create this shit, where do they come from?

I think they know time is getting very short, before a plurality gets the ol’ lightbulb above the head going off, and its on, its war to the tooth. They lost 4 crucial years, a few key actors whose purpose was to advance cabal where inhibited or shut down, 4 years where Trump systematically, strategically cut off the incomprehensible cash flow into the machine’s maw. Never mind the protracted struggle aspect and how MAGA made it real difficult to advance that aspect of the machine’s strategy for our Republic.
And it can not be over-emphasized, guns, not only do us good folks have our most vital property, our rifles in hand, we are rather prudent at least in this, we are armed to the fucking teeth and still up-arming ourselves like never before.
Cabal is in a pickle, the one nation that matters, not government, but people, who are this natural bulwark against empire and tyranny, just by existing, they have not been able to disarm us as they have in the rest of the free world.
It matters. Oh boy does it matter. Do. Not. Give. Up. Your. Guns. No matter what. Give them to em’ boolits first.

joe · June 28, 2021 at 6:20 pm

fuck the pepper spray…it’s a kick in the nuts and then a couple to his fucking head…and then drag him outside to leave him there as an example…

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