There is a tool set that has a hammer drill, circular saw, jig saw, table saw, drill press, scroll saw, and a hand light. It is battery powered with an 18V battery with a 1 hour charge time, but can also run off of standard 120V wall outlets. Two batteries are included as part of the set.

All of it comes in a portable carrying case that doubles as a stainless steel work surface. Weighing in at 16Kg, it is small and portable enough to be part of a cache, or in a BOV. The entire set costs $315. Now, I am not saying that this is a replacement for your home workshop, but the fact that it is in a relatively small, lightweight case, and that it is battery powered makes it ideal for working in remote conditions where electricity isn’t available.
Amazon users rated it with 4 1/2 stars. I think I am going to buy one.
I am not being compensated for this, nor do I have any relationship with the company that makes it.

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