People keep saying that profiling is wrong. I disagree. Why would it not make sense to target law enforcement efforts where they will do the greatest good?
According to the Bureau of Justice statistics  (pdf alert), 22% of violent crime involved a weapon. When a weapon was used, a firearm was the weapon one third of the time. The most common violent crime was battery.

When it comes to age, 37% of people who commit murder are between the ages of 18 and 24. This demographic is twice as likely to commit murder than any other.

With regard to sex, males are eight times more likely to commit murder than females, with 89% of all murders being committed by males.

Blacks commit 52% of all murders in the US, and since they represent only 13% of the population, are 9 times more likely to commit murder than any other demographic.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics:

Black victims are over represented in homicides involving drugs. Compared with the overall involvement of blacks as victims, blacks are less often the victims of sex-related homicides,
workplace killings, and homicide by poison. 

In fact, 65% of murders where a black man is the offender are drug related.

The BJS also had this to say:

The sharp increase in homicides from the mid-1980’s through the early 1990’s and much of the subsequent decline is attributable to gun violence by juveniles and young adults. 

Some will say that this is racism, but I am just stating the facts: The demographic that is most likely to commit a violent crime is a black male between the age of 18-24. So when a person says that George Zimmerman is wrong for profiling a young, black, male who appears to be on drugs, they are mistaken. The facts are there. Trayvon Martin was a young, black, male who was in fact on drugs. He was a criminal. Instead of spending their efforts on complaining about it, perhaps the time of the protesters would be better spent in preventing black youths from doing drugs and committing other crimes.

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Bob S. · July 15, 2013 at 7:50 pm

If profiling is wrong, why does the F.B.I. have 4 Behavioral Analysis Units that do profiling and teach profiling?

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