As you all know, for the past three weeks, I was a prohibited person. I was not allowed to possess firearms or ammunition. My concealed weapons permit has been revoked. Why? My ex-girlfriend is accusing me of stalking, and filed a complaint for a domestic violence restraining order against me. At an ex parte hearing, it was granted. 

Keep in mind that we broke up in December. She didn’t allege anything until May.

We had our first hearing where I could be present on June 2, and I appeared there with my attorney. He announced in court that we want to have a full hearing, where we will present subpoenaed witnesses in my defense. The motion was granted, so…

We had our second hearing on June 17th. She did not have an attorney or a single witness. The basis of her claim was that I read her text messages and emails while we were a couple, I sent a text to her new boyfriend, I was stalking her, and I came to her workplace and got her fired.

I had an attorney and four witnesses. We were going to testify to the following facts, even though it turns out that they were not needed:

  1. Yes, I read her emails while we were a couple. That was how I found out she was cheating. What she left out of the story was that a year earlier, she had given me the password and told me that I could read her email.
  2. Yes, I texted her new boyfriend. The reason? I asked him if he really was sleeping with her. No threats. I was just confirming what I saw in the emails, because I didn’t want to accuse her over a misunderstanding.
  3. A mutual friend was going to testify that he was asked by my ex-girlfriend to inform her of my whereabouts so she could surprise me with a visit next time I went SCUBA diving. He was there to testify that she was the one following me around.
  4. My current girlfriend was to testify that we were not in the state of Florida on some of the dates that I am being accused of stalking her. I was nowhere near her (not even in the same county- I was 100 miles away) on the dates in question.
  5. My mother would have testified that the ex-girlfriend never lived with the two of us (my mother lived with me at the time). This is important, because an important element of proving domestic violence is to prove either:
            -That the two involved had a child together, or;
            – That they were married at some point, or;
            – that they lived together as if a family at some point.
    Since none of those is true, there can be no domestic violence.

Yes, I admit that I went to her workplace, and I also admit that me visiting that workplace is what got her fired, but the devil is in the details. My ex girlfriend had been fired for stealing, not because I stalked her. She had left some belongings at my house, which I had attempted to return to her through the mutual friend from paragraph 3, above. Those belongings included a cardboard box that I had not opened. She didn’t pick up those belongings, so after a month I opened the box to find a large cache of pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment, medical records with patient information and social security numbers on them, along with other medical supplies. They were marked “Property of XXX hospital,” so I contacted the hospital to see what they wanted done with their property. The supervisor asked me to bring them in, which I did. The hospital did an investigation, connected them to her, and they fired her for stealing hospital property and mishandling medical records. At the time of her firing, her employer told her how they caught her.

Less than an hour after she was fired, she was at the courthouse, where she filled out a written statement that I had committed domestic violence against her, and that she was afraid of me coming to hurt her. The court issued a DV injunction at an ex parte hearing, and I became a prohibited person for the duration of the order. I was not allowed contact with her, nor could I come within 500 feet of her. It took me three weeks to get to this morning’s hearing.

To protect myself from any potential allegations of violating the order, I left the state for two weeks. I went into exile. I traveled to Atlanta with my new girlfriend for two days, and from there we went to St Martin, St Thomas, and to the Bahamas. I can prove with passport records and airline boarding passes that I was nowhere near her for the past three weeks (I wasn’t even in the country for most of it).

I also had records from the toll transponder for my car, showing that I was nowhere near her on the dates and times that she claimed I was stalking her.

None of it was needed. She presented her case, and before we called our first witness, my attorney pointed out that there was no evidence of violence presented by her. All she alleged was that I had contacted her boss (for a legitimate reason) and new boyfriend. The judge agreed and dismissed all charges.

After this, she said in open court that her boyfriend is a cop, and that “this isn’t over” because the cop is initiating a criminal investigation into how I got his phone number, among other things, and that he is going to have me arrested.

My lawyer said that if he does that, we will sue for wrongful prosecution and his career will be over.

Now I have to get things back in order. I have my guns again. I have to apply for and get another CWP to replace the one that had been revoked. I can move on. Until she pulls her next stunt.

Using accusations of domestic violence has become a common tactic for women who wish to win divorce and child custody cases, as well as angry girlfriends who wish to get back at former boyfriends. Men have no legal recourse against women who are proven to be lying. I can’t even sue her to recover my considerable legal fees. She won’t even face any criminal charges. This needs to change. Sign the petition here:

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Don · June 18, 2014 at 9:07 pm


I'm glad it worked out, but what a thing to go through.

Anonymous · June 22, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Signed it.
Please remember this is not over with yet. You do have electronic surveillance both inside and outside your house, right?
Had to install a hidden dash cam and voice activated recorder in my daughter's car. Would your mother consider wearing an emergency alert device?
Please still be very careful. Watch your rear-view mirror and side mirrors too. If you have outside vid cams, have one aimed at driveway and street. Always Have A Working Cell Phone With You. Your Mom Too.
Praying for all of you,

Mark/GreyLocke · June 27, 2014 at 9:35 pm

Linked it and praying sir.

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