In honor of our loss of one of the greatest speakers of my lifetime, I present to you Rush Limbaugh’s quote of the week:

I’m convinced that a lot of people simply don’t know what’s available out there and how it is possible to find a job and work your way up if you are willing to accept responsibility for your life. I know what it’s like to be on the bottom. I’ve been broke. I’ve been fired seven times from jobs. And I don’t even have a college degree. But I didn’t blame anyone else for my problems. I knew that if I didn’t try to solve them on my own or with the help of friends or family members, no one else was going to take care of me.

Note from DM: This one resonates with me. I have twice been homeless. I once lived in my car. I was taking baths in a 48 quart Igloo cooler. After taxes, I was left with about $720 each payday. $348 in child support was taken from my check, and sent to the ex-wife, leaving me with $720 per month to live on. The rent on my apartment was $600 for a small one bedroom. I was soon homeless and without a car. I got a second job picking up garbage. I got an apartment with three roommates. I bought a car at a “buy here, pay here.” Somehow, I made it. I worked 84 hours a week at those two jobs while going to school with a full class load. I didn’t have a college degree until I was 43, now I have four of them. I went bankrupt in 2009 and started over again. Bankruptcy isn’t an easy way out of debt- I lost everything I owned.

Here I am, 53 years old. I have grandkids. I am now a multi millionaire. I never asked for a single handout- not from government, not from anyone. I busted my ass and did it myself. You know what? Money HAS changed me- it has made me believe that anyone can do it. Go ahead, tell me I am privileged. I will call you a liar. I worked for every single dime I have.

Claiming that others made it when you didn’t because they were privileged is nothing but a bullshit excuse. Stop bitching and whining about how unfair life is, get out there, and do something to change it.

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Steffen · March 2, 2021 at 10:14 am

Amen brother, my experiences were similar and I know what you have accomplished through hard work and not quitting. God Bless you.

AC47spooky · March 2, 2021 at 4:47 pm

Last graph … nailed it.

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