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A new slogan for Joe, instead of ‘America First,’ it could be ‘America, you are not all that’, or ‘America, it’s not me, it’s you,’ because in a sense, Joe Biden is breaking up with the American public in favor of a hot new exotic partner, the world. It’s very alluring, it’s got an accent, it’s international, makes you feel cosmopolitan when you get to fly all over the place. But sorry, America, Joe just isn’t that into you anymore.” -Fox News host Greg Gutfield

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It will get really interesting once Harris assumes the presidency. Oh yeah, we’re completely confident in her ability to lead whatever is left of our country.

We haven’t seen anything yet. Imagine it … military action in the South Pacific with the threat of all-out war. Military action in Eastern Europe. Here on the home front – a whole lot of disgruntled citizens who have been told they aren’t worth crap. It’s pretty mind-bending.

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