Some argue that Ray Epps is a government agent. Some say that he isn’t. No matter what, Ray Epps was urging others to carry out acts that he knew were illegal, and knew that he himself wasn’t going to participate in.

There is no shortage of those types of people on the right. The right is filled with people who would urge others to take risks that they themselves are not willing to take. Some of them comment on this very blog. They will stand there and criticize others for not stacking up, while they themselves are sitting at home behind their own keyboard, safe in the sure knowledge that they themselves won’t be getting thrown in prison, because they have absolutely no intention of doing a thing.

Still, they have no problems urging others to take that very step.

Angry blog posts? Is that all you think we are doing here? I have spent tens of thousands of dollars, and been engaged in this fight for decades. I meet with Congressmen, both state and Federal. I meet with local leaders. I donate money to parties and lobbyists. I run this blog. I spent most of COVID lockdown building firearms and then giving them to people who didn’t have one. I have taught dozens of people to love freedom, and love guns.

I have paid a price for what I have done in support of our rights. I have lost jobs over my stance. I have lost relationships. My own son doesn’t speak to me any longer, because I angered his anti-gun wife and her Fudd father over my stance on gun rights.

There is more to fighting the fight for our rights than just stacking bodies and rioting. More than going fishing.

But you know what? If you think that we need to begin pulling triggers, then stop coming here and excoriating us for not doing it while you yourself are doing nothing but bitching about it on someone else’s blog. Pick up a gun and set the example. Start stacking up.

I have long said on this blog that a civil war is the last thing that we need. It is a last resort, because the person that you are, the life that you lead, is over. The cost is quite high, the outcome uncertain, and the pain will be nearly unbearable. Millions will likely die. We don’t take actions like that for light reasons, and we certainly don’t destroy a nation and our lives if there is a hope that we can accomplish our objective any other way.

Stop trying to be a Ray Epps. Put up, shut up, or go fuck yourself. Stop trying to urge others to do what you will not do. Frankly, I’m over it. Comments to this post will not be allowed.

This blog is closed until further notice.

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