Whenever a shooting suspect is described in the press, you can tell a lot about what happened by what they DON’T say. If the event is barely mentioned in the press, the shooter is always described as a “man” or a “teen” with no further details. This invariably means the shooter was black.

If the shooter is white, it is a national news story for weeks and is accompanied by nearly universal calls for gun control.

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Big Ruckus D · June 28, 2021 at 5:38 pm

This has been an obvious pattern of lying by omission for years now. Related is the practice of not providing a picture of the suspect in a crime, even when the suspect is at large and is being sought by police. So too with uselessly vague descriptions “male between 16-30 average height wearing a dark colored hoody and jeans” Sure, that’ll help track him down.

Now I have two thoughts on this. First, people like us (those who are well attuned to observing patterns and then committing the thoughtcrime of inconvenently pointing them out) keep getting pissed about it. Apparently for no reason because: second, the sort of people who cause people like us to state MPAI do not seem to notice these little semantic games being played; or simply don’t care even if they do notice. So, no consequences are ever forthcoming for the liars providing cover.

I’ll add a third thought: with the now “unofficially official” policy of many large metro PD’s to overlook or even straight up excuse the crimes of the specially protected classes, and the DA’s cutting them loose even if they do get popped, it really doesn’t matter at all.

Much as we may like to point these double standards out, I think our time and attention is better spent on things more directly beneficial to our own planning and preparedness, or even just enjoying hobbies for leisure while we still have that luxury. Pointing out leftist hypocrisy is a time honored pastime of the bowtied intellectual conservative class, and goofs like Hannity and Ingrahm. They’ve made entire hours of TV from the practice for years; even rebroadcating clips of cnn and msnbc inanity to poke fun at.

And to what end? We can point and criticize all we want, it hasn’t stopped the practice of engaging in bald faced double standards by the left, nor has it awakened (enough) of the right to mount any effective solution to it. It is, in short, a jerk off job. A monumental waste of time for the good guys who are just pissing in the wind.

I understand the desire to put these people on blast and tell them “we saw what you did there”. But they don’t care, they are shameless. Worse still, they actively enjoy ineffectually being called out as there are no real reprisals to be concerned with. That is part and parcel of the idea that communist propoganda is intentionally meant to humiliate and demoralize those who hold to the truth. When we are screaming about these things, those who are propogating the lies are laughing at us and saying “what are you going to do about it anyway?” The NPC at large is more apt to react to our admonitions by telling us “pipe down, it’s not a big deal” and then the cycle of humiliation and demoralization is complete as not even those who should be our natural allies can be made to care.

I don’t want tell the informed and obsevant to stop caring, but the practice of trying to get the left in “gotchas” has proven beyond any doubt to be uselss in hindering their ability to keep doing what they do. See the Supreme Joke giving defacto legal cover for assorted pervs and transfaggots to hangout (literally) in the ladies room as they declined to hear the case. No standing? Well, there never used to be any standing in the laides room – hence no urinals – but you can bet there will be now.

The only practical and effective solutions to this end up glowing like a reactor core at Fukushima, so I’ll not be posting anything to that effect. Smart guys can read the horizon and understand where the ship of state is heading, and it’s no place we want to be. Figure out what you need to do to best protect you and yours, because no one is allowed to disembark before we get “there”. It wants to burn, so let it. And maybe help it along wherever possible.

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