This post is about a video of a police interaction in Virginia, which is included below. Let me say that the cops really need to stop being total dumbasses, because I really don’t want this blog to become an anti-cop blog. It just seems like they can’t help themselves. They are just hiring tyrannical dumbasses to be cops.

Here is the basis of the video that follows:

Police received at least one call complaining about shots fired in a rural area. The vehicle involved was reported to be a red pickup truck.

A deputy sees a vehicle matching that description and initiates a traffic stop. By the deputy’s own admission, he is not aware if the shots were fired in the vicinity of houses or a road, meaning that he has no idea whether or not a crime has been committed. In other words, there is no reasonable suspicion to believe that the driver of the red truck has committed a crime, because you can’t even point to a crime that you would suspect him of, thus making the traffic stop illegal. Note that Virginia law is plain on this:

Any law enforcement officer may detain any person whom the officer encounters under circumstances creating a reasonable suspicion that the person has committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime, and require the person to identify himself. Any person so detained shall identify himself by giving his full legal name, but may not be compelled to answer any other inquiry of any law enforcement officer.

Here is what happened next:

Note that the deputy claims “You can’t shoot within so many feet of a home,” but by his own admission, he has no idea how far away any homes are from the location where the shooting was talking place.

I believe the cop is wrong about what the law says. For starters, the law in Virginia says that you can’t discharge a firearm on public land, AT a building, across or from a road, from a vehicle, or in a reckless manner. None of which has been alleged here. Watch this second, longer video of the traffic stop, and the second cop says that merely operating a vehicle on the roadways of Virginia constitutes reasonable suspicion to initiate a traffic stop and demand to see the ID of the driver.

He says that “Evidence of a crime isn’t reasonable suspicion. You need to get a better lawyer.” The cop is clearly wrong. The law says:

A police officer may have reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed if based on all of the facts and circumstances of the situation, a reasonable police officer would have the same suspicion

The cop is not being reasonable, which is the standard here. He can’t even articulate which law, if any, he believes is being broken. How can a police officer believe that this man is committing a crime, when he can’t even point to a crime that he reasonably believes is being committed? The statement that merely driving down the road constitutes reasonable suspicion is extremely incorrect.

He says that I don’t have to point to a crime to initiate a traffic stop. This fucking dumbass of a cop then proves beyond a doubt that he doesn’t know what he is talking about when he admits that this isn’t a Terry stop. A Terry stop gets its name from the Supreme Court case, Terry v. Ohio. In a Terry stop, if a police officer has a reasonable suspicion that an individual is armed, engaged, or about to be engaged, in criminal conduct, the officer may briefly stop and detain an individual for a pat-down search of outer clothing. Since, under this cop’s own admission, this isn’t a Terry stop, then he has no reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed.

So instead, the cops go to the man’s property and arrest the father on a trumped up charge to teach the property owner (the son in the red pickup) a lesson. The cops went to the man’s property and arrested the man’s father because, in the cop’s own words, “He ain’t gonna curse me out.” This is a clear violation of the First Amendment rights of the father.

NOTE: A look at Sussex county court records shows that the father, Robert Steven Huffman, has been charged with a violation of 18.2-416, abusive language to another, a 3rd degree misdemeanor. His next hearing is December 18.

The Supreme Court of Virginia has limited the sweep of § 18.2-416 to abusive language that has “a direct tendency to cause acts of violence by the person to whom, individually, [the language is] addressed.” Mercer v. Winston, 214 Va. 281, 199 S.E.2d 724, 726

So is the police officer alleging that the man saying “Leave, get the hell off of my property” is language that would tend to cause him to commit acts of violence? No, this officer is a tyrannical asshole.

Again, remember that no crime has been alleged to cause the police to even be on the property in the first place. It isn’t a crime to shoot guns on private property. The cop keeps saying “We have complaints in the area of shots fired, and this is an open investigation,” but as we have pointed out already, there is no investigation, because there has been no crime alleged. In my opinion, the cops made the arrest to lure the property owner (the son in the red pickup) to an ambush.

The man in the pickup arrives on his property, and the cop arrests him because he won’t provide ID to prove that he is the owner of the property. Refer back to the law, above. The man doesn’t have to show that he owns his own land, which would mean that he has to prove his innocence. That’s not how this works.

This is a bad cop. The second cop who stood there and told him to “just comply” is also a bad cop. Why? Because he saw this illegal behavior and did nothing. He is also a dumbass that doesn’t understand the laws that he is supposed to be enforcing.

I hope they get a good lawyer, and I hope that they sue the Sheriff’s department of Sussex County. I also would like to reiterate that qualified immunity needs to go away. In the meantime:

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C · September 26, 2023 at 6:20 am

If you go to ARFCOM or any non-lib social media site everyone there will be doing mental gymnastics in an attempt to justify this. Everybody else will get screeching “u gotta fix it thru da cuorts!!!” Hundreds of videos and court cases later it’s not getting fixed. There is only one solution I see, and it’s not a nice one.

Elrod · September 26, 2023 at 9:19 am

“…I really don’t want this blog to become an anti-cop blog”

I get that, but they keep committing severe self inflicted wounds that leave us no alternative.

They are in the process of making themselves The Enemy; the problem is, they seem to enjoy it and have no clue whatsoever as where it leads.

Dirty Dingus McGee · September 26, 2023 at 9:29 am

The cops won’t get any punishment beyond “bad cop, no donut”. Qualified immunity will see to that. Plus, any monetary damage will be paid by the taxpayer, not the cop or even the department, so why would they give a flying flip.

Anyone who puts their faith in the “system”, has never been ground up BY the system.

Anonymous · September 26, 2023 at 9:41 am

The second cop who stood there and told him to “just comply” is also a bad cop. Why? Because he saw this illegal behavior and did nothing.

Also, every other cop in the USA is bad, because they would prosecute you if you confessed to defending yourselves against these two bad cops. Also the bad voters, who want to continue employing these cops after they are known to behave like this. The political world makes sense after you realize 97% of humans are evil communists bent on parasitizing you.

Carlos the Jackal · September 26, 2023 at 12:08 pm

People that can’t get the address right on no-knock raids & shoot dogs off their own porches don’t deserve a thin dime’s worth of respect, cooperation, or goodwill from their potential victims.
Until cops start getting less badge heavy, it’s only going to get more like that.
And yeah, they’ve done that to themselves, and apparently are too damned stupid to stop.

Bear Claw · September 26, 2023 at 12:10 pm

The problem is they do not give a fuck about lawsuits as the money comes from the taxpayer upon settlement.

Fido · September 26, 2023 at 5:49 pm

How long do we have before people begin to defend themselves against violent criminals attacking them on their own property, without regard to what they’re wearing?

Ok, so that would not end well, but then failure to do so doesn’t end well either. Some of us are getting mighty long in the tooth, and short of give-a-shits, and tired of living in fear.

Solzhenitsyn was driven by “burning in the camps” to speculate about how things might have been different if they had defended themselves, without regard to the cost, and imposed attrition upon the jackboots, forcing their families to redo their “cost / benefit analysis”.

Each successive day seems ever more a “good day to die”. Send bachelors.

Steve · September 26, 2023 at 9:03 pm

Cuff the pig, hands behind his back, like he did to the others, then tie him to the back of the vehicle and drag him to wherever he took the evidently law abiding people.

About as serious as in Rome, where pigs who put citizens in chains before conviction were scourged. Difference being we don’t have anyone who would be willing to scourge anyone, so we have to make do with what we have.

Alternatively, we could follow the native american custom and stake the prick down on an anthill…

Aesop · September 27, 2023 at 10:52 am

Someone else tried to throw out the “…you picked one guy…” lameass defense to a recent post on my blog. Except for the four hundred other recent videos I could have pointed to just on YouTube this year, he’d have been right.

The cops are apparently hell bent on this ending in blood, mostly their own.

And they’ll be amazed and shocked when they realize people are cheering for the ones shooting them down like the douchebadges they are when it starts happening.

I’m fine with the cops sending some legit criminal to hell on a shutter every time it happens. I’m also fine with citizens doing the same thing to them when they act like this. Some day, they may twig to the fact that both sentiments are related to the rule of law.

When Team Douchebadge shows this kind of contempt for citizens’ rights and the law itself, they’re just another armed criminal gang, no different from Crips and Bloods, and should be treated as such, to the maximum extent physically possible.

This keeps up, and these videos, and the incidents which spawn them, are going to start ending with folks pulling out AR-15s, and ending these sorts of incidents with some finality. Along with the badged orcs who’re pulling them.

And it will be a happy ending.

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