My son’s girlfriend posted a link to an article where doctors were taking the NRA to task because the NRA demanded that they “stay in their lane.” I commented.

Here is how the conversation went:

Divemedic: I’m surprised that you would advocate for gun control.

Son’s GF: Gun control is such an antiquated term used for propaganda. And sharing a Facebook post isn’t necessarily advocating for anything. However, I find it interesting this story regarding the NRA’s remarks toward an ER Physician . I think many people look past what makes us individuals and how we make decisions, which is our experiences. It is easy for people to say things against ER docs and nurses when they have never spent a Saturday night in a trauma room.

DM: Regardless, people who work in a trauma room have no training in public policy, law, or firearm safety. They are no more qualified to pontificate on gun law than anyone else. Medical people get mad when others who are unqualified try to tell them how to do their jobs. This is the same thing. Last time I checked, firearm laws were not a part of nursing school.

SGF: So disregarding criminals what about the mentally ill? People who have no criminal record, pass background checks and buy guns legally? Yet have intention of committing horrific crimes? There has to be a compromise and it starts with respecting other people’s opinion who are different from your own so this conversation can be had. I do not want to worry about my friends who are teachers, law enforcement, club goers, gay, straight or who have children that go to school to live in fear that they may be a victim of the next shooting. It’s time to stop the nonsense political outdated jargon and come up with a plan. I’m sorry but I completely disagree with you. As an avid hunter, and someone who does enjoy going to the range I would say that I am above average then normal person when firearm safety training. I spent many summers in Tallahassee learning the development of public policy as you call it and also many years in the trauma room. It is time to have a conversation about the gun violence that is going on in this country. I’m not advocating for people’s rights to be violated in anyway. But I’m tired of seeing innocent people die at the hands of people who had guns that did not deserve them.

DM:  Actually, the US homicide rate (as of 2016) was the lowest is has been in decades. It is less than half of what it was in 1990. Also, you can’t predict when people will snap and kill others. All you can do is look at their past and try to guess what they will do. There are no guarantees.

SGF:  I honestly don’t have a solution to the problem, what I think needs to happen is put a committee together not just of one sided opinions. Leave legislators out of it. Politicians (no offense to those that are on here) are motivated by outside forces such as re elections so they don’t want to take a stand unless there is motivation to be backed by a large amount of future voters. And together come up with a solution to the problems. One problem at a time.

For me the biggest issue is why mentally unstable people have guns. Whether they get them from outside sources or obtained legally. I mean to go to nursing/ med/ police/ fire school, we have to prove that we are mentally capable of carrying such responsibilities. We are finger printed back ground checked, interviewed over and over again, tested on multiple levels teas, gmat, GRE it takes YEARS to accomplish these goals and lots of money.

People say well yeah you have to go through all the training and schooling because you care for my mother…

I’m not saying we need to take guns away, trust me it’s prime hunting season right now. But if it takes years of hard work to get and obtain an RN or medical license because “ they could injure or kill someone” I think firearms carry that responsibility as well

DM: What if we required a license to vote? Or have an Internet connection? This license would require a test, fingerprinting, and background checks.

SGF: This attitude of zero tolerance is getting to me.

Then, reasoned discourse broke out and I was banned from her FB page. At no point was I rude or disrespectful.

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