I have been posting comments on various Channel 6 WKMG articles for several days. Each and everyone has fallen victim to “reasoned discourse” deletion. Here is a copy of my last comment, that was also deleted within minutes:

Acquit Alexander? The woman who was in an argument with her husband at his house, where she was not
living at the time. In fact, she had gotten a restraining order against
hm because she was afraid of him, and then left her newborn baby at the
l and then went to his house to spend the night with him. Doesn’t sound scared to me.
at breakfast, she showed pictures of the new baby to her husband by
handing him her cell phone. While looking at them, he found evidence
that she was having an affair with her ex-husband. he questioned whether
the new child was his, and this started an argument. In the midst of
the argument, she went outside, got a gun out of her car, and then came
back, shot at him, and missed. Can’t be self defense, because the threat
to her ended when she left the house. Going back inside made her the
attacker in an all new, second fight.

She was arrested, and made bail. While out on bail, she went back to the house, and punched her husband, giving him a black eye.
She committed armed battery. She deserved every year of the sentence she got. This is plainly NOT a self defense case.

Read the court documents for yourself:
Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/89763280/Order-Denying-Defendants-Motion-for-Immunity-and-Motion-to-Dismiss

There is an agenda here, and they are not about to let the facts get in the way.

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