Wow. If a Republican had called a woman a whore, there would be screams from the Dems about how the man was insensitive to women and needed to be impeached. Instead, Alan Grayson has lowered the bar that is political discourse in this country even further than it was already, by calling a lobbyist a ‘K street whore’ and then Huffpo backs him up with this headline:

Alan Grayson calls a whore a whore– Beltway whores freak out & defend Enron lobbyist working at the Fed

The funny thing is- I want to see an audit of the Fed, and I happen to agree with Mr Grayson on that issue, however, I think that the current administration’s tactic of shutting down all who disagree is a scary, scary thing. (and before anyone comments or sends me nasty emails, I didn’t like it when the last president did the same thing, either, but this is a new administration. Time to live in the now.)

Of course, Mr Grayson has been on local TV claiming that since the Dems ‘won’ the last election, that they should be allowed to do whatever they wish, and everyone else should just ‘shut up.’ This comment kills me, because the Democrats sure didn’t shut up when the Republicans won three elections in a row. I would also point out that we elected REPRESENTATIVES to REPRESENT us, and if we are to simply elect a political party to be our masters, then why not abolish congress, and elect a king every four years. Sure would save money. Or is it that congress is intended to be a debating society where matters are given all the weight and discussion required before a decision is made?

For those comments and others, Mr Grayson gets my douche of the week award. Douche. How is that for political discourse? Nyah!!! (Now that the bar is so low, I guess I can do it, too.)

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