A teacher ran his mouth and said some inappropriate stuff. What he said, while inappropriate, was not a threat. It was hypothetical. “If I were a school shooter, this is how I would do it.” Heck, I have made statements on this blog that are remarkably similar.

Anyway, hearing about the statement, the cops went out and got an RPO, went over to confiscate his guns, and … nothing. He didn’t even own any guns. So, in other words, this Red Flag order did nothing.

Or did it?

See, what the “red flag laws” REALLY do is punish unpopular speech. This law does more to gut free speech than nearly anything that has ever been done by government. Say something that someone doesn’t like, get reported, and have cops raiding your house within days. The scariest part is that no one will know exactly what speech will trigger an RPO. You won’t know that you have crossed the line until the cops arrive at your door.

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Jerry · August 26, 2019 at 9:49 pm

They're not very imaginative. They could have arrested him for owning undetectable guns.

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