In Florida during 2010, there were 53 fatal accidents that were caused by red light running. In 2011, Florida began allowing red light cameras, for safety reasons, they said. That year, there were 72 fatal crashes caused by red light running.
The tickets are not reported on the violating driver’s license, and so they cannot be a factor in suspending a license, nor can the insurance company raise your rates as a result. What these cameras do is perform as a cash cow for local governments that are eager to take more of your money. The scheme does not ticket the offender. Unlike an officer-issued ticket, the scheme tickets the vehicle owner, relies upon a guilty until proven innocent clause in the law
to provide government leverage to ensure private sector profit, and thus turns a function of government into a for-profit enterprise. The huge amount of money involved is a source of corruption for those
in government.
 Meanwhile, in Texas, American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is threatening Texas vehicle owners
with drivers’ license suspensions if they fail to pay up when a red
light camera ticket is sent in the mail. Under state law, the company
cannot make good on its threat. A red light camera ticket fine is $75,
or $100 if not paid within thirty days. To encourage payment, ATS
includes a brochure with the citation that purports to describe
additional consequences of not sending in a check immediately.

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