A few years ago, I took a class on terrorism at a local college in pursuit of my degree in Public Safety. One of the things that I did for the class was plan a terrorist attack on a soft target in the area, and then see what steps should have been taken to prevent it. As a result, I saw that the security at these locations was there only for show. I continued to check other locations and saw how flimsy the security was, and used some of these checks as the basis for a post or two.

My recent post on being armed at Disney got linked to from Reddit. That link resulted in over 1,000 unique page visits, making it the second most popular post that I have ever written. That got me to thinking: I have been entering non permissive locations for years now, and I think that I am going to begin writing up reports on the security of non permissive locations. Here are the ground rules that I am setting up for this series:

1 I will not enter in violation of the law. When I enter places, understand that I am not breaking the law. I always try to use an actual weapon where legal, in places where it is illegal to have a weapon I have used analogs, things that appear to an x-ray machine or magnetometer to be a weapon, but upon actual visual inspection are obviously not a weapon.
2 I am not interesting in debating the basis for concealed carry. One of the biggest comments over on Reddit was how you don’t need a gun at Disney or anywhere else, unless you are in a “bad” neighborhood. I think this is a rather naive position to take, but if you don’t think you need to carry, then don’t. Just don’t try and stop me for choosing to carry. I would, however point out that Disney parks are a dangerous place, with even Federal law enforcement officers being kidnapped and carjacked there. Sometimes it is the Disney security guards themselves committing the crimes. Even the terrorist who was the shooter in Orlando had scouted Disney as a possible target. 
3 I also do not want to debate the morality of carrying against a property owner’s wishes. I don’t care what his wishes are. I don’t owe him a thing, and I am free to ignore his wishes as I please, as long as I am following the law. 
Think of the above rules, and consider this:
A criminal or terrorist will bring a weapon in to these places, and doesn’t care about the law, the owner’s wishes, or whether or not concealed carry is a good idea. If I can legally sneak a weapon into these places, a criminal or terrorist could also do so illegally with the intent of killing, robbing, or kidnapping you. 
So, this will be a recurring feature here. Look for my upcoming posts.
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Rugger Jef · September 20, 2016 at 4:15 pm

An excellent idea! Looking forward to the series. Do you think you should talk to a lawyer or judge to be doubly sure? Some ANTI might just tie you up in court because it feels right.

tom · September 21, 2016 at 3:44 am

S Wenger linked you on the Defensive Use of Firearms mail lisr, at my suggestion. That was likely also a lot of page views.

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